I edit my videos in Premiere Pro, color correct them in DaVinci Resolve (especially the ones in RAW format). When I need to have some compositing done I go to After Effects. The below list contains all the additional tools I use through the process:

iPhone & iPad

  • Artemis Director’s Viewfinder – really cool app for scouting. Reproduces any camera, aspect ratio and lens combination using iPhone camera.
  • FiLMiC Pro – one of the best video recorders for iPhone. Full manual control over exposure & focus, end much more.
  • Shot Designer – awesome app that helps you create diagrams and animations for the camera and actors moves and blocking
  • ShotPro – more advanced 3D designer for planning the shoot


I used to be a Presonus Studio One user when I was starting out my music production adventure. Over the course of years I tested out many different DAWs and ended up with Logic Pro X. Here’s the list of plugins that I use and that I think might be useful in the film production process:


I use Lightroom and Photoshop on a daily basis for a photography work, and the below list consists of some useful tools that I use for additional treatment:

  • Google NIK Collection – great plugins helping you achieve awesome effects and stylised photos
  • ImageOptim (for OSX) – reduces the image size removing all the meta from the file
  • Topaz plugins
  • Affinity Photo – supposed to be the alternative for Photoshop, but after a bit of testing I found it buggy (especially in the luminosity masking area).

Other Utilities

There are plenty of applications I use on a daily basis, and here are the most important ones that I always install on my computer:

What works for you?

Let me know if you have any recommendation for the readers and for me. Do you have a tool that you cannot live without anymore? Let me know!