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I have been using my Anker power bank as a battery solution for BMPCC for some time now but I started looking into some alternatives. Especially after noticing that Anker Astro Pro2 is no longer available in stores. On top of that, I wanted something smaller to be able to grab my pocket camera without the baseplate and rods. After doing some research I found out that there are not that many options and the solution that looks the most promising is the one that probably most of you already use.

I decided to get the battery plate for the Sony NPF battery. I chose SmallRig Battery Plate Adapter which comes with a dedicated cable for BMPCC, BMCC and BMPC.

The battery plate has one 1/4” hole at the bottom which makes it easy to mount it to the cage or even to the top of the BMPCC itself. The easiest way is to use the 1/4” Male to 1/4” Male screw adapter visible above. It is not included with the battery plate but you can get it on amazon or eBay.

The plate accepts any NP-F battery and I tested it with three options: NP-F970, NP-F750 and NP-F550. The middle one is a nice solution for a compact size kit and I will probably use it for my personal stuff when I want to travel light (no rig, no FF, etc).

Recording times

I tested three NPF battery types and this is what I got:

  1. Sony NP-F970 8600mAh – around 3h of continuous recording
  2. Sony NP-F750 3500mAh – around 1:48h of cont. recording
  3. Sony NP-F550 2200mAh – around 50min of cont. recording

Keep in mind that I used some cheaper battery replacements, not the original ones from Sony – they would probably last a bit longer.

AA Battery Case

If you have some spare AA batteries you can use a Battery Case Pack which acts like NP-F970:

I tested it with fully charged Eneloop batteries and the Pocket lasted a little bit less than 3h.


My Anker solution still beats the NPF battery plate in terms of working time but taking into consideration the weight and form factor SmallRig battery plate is the way to go. It makes the camera usable for longer periods of time as well as keeps the form factor relatively small. Also, NPF batteries are pretty cheap and in general it’s a really low-budget solution.

  • mikey6468

    Nice article! What cage are you using for the BMPCC?

  • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb11f463b64a38f33789e3d98dd3ad9a5c6fdf329cd22cfa0fa9670613b21b33.jpg My problem is that this cable for the Anker Solution (have the same setup) loose connection. If i shoot live events thats very frustating. So this solution looks nice for me, too. Fits the cable save in the Pocket? I think i go to the solution with eneloops. Thank you.

    • Hey Thomas, maybe it’s a problem with the port on your pocket, not the plug? Otherwise the battery plate solution should for well for you.

      • Hey Tom, now i have the SmallRig Solution like you, but im not happy with it. It works not reliable, loose connection too. I thought too it’s a problem with the port on the pocket, but with the P-TAP plug on the Ronin-M i have power all the time. Maybe the cable from SmallRig has an defect. πŸ™ I like the pocket so much, but the battery solutions makes me sick.

  • Jerome Vanbaelinghem

    Hi, nice article. Could you give some batteries references, please ? There are so many on Amazon…

    • Hi Jerome – I have been using these for a while now and don’t really notice any difference compared to the original ones from Sony: http://amzn.to/2jLOruF

      • Jerome Vanbaelinghem

        Finally got it ! One more question, do you let bmpcc’s battery inside when the external solution is plugged ? Thx

        • Hey Jerome – yep, I keep the original one inside. Extra time and a backup. Also, when you accidentally disconnect the external one the camera won’t die.

          • johnta

            the external one will also charge the internal one

          • Yes, but only with the stronger ones. I’ve seen some external batteries charging the internal one only when the camera is off.

  • Dave Thorpe

    I got the Small Rig battery plate adapter and 2 of the AA Battery Case’s. It doesn’t appear to be working properly. I expected it to have the battery symbol in the corner of the BMPCC lit up as though charging the entire time. But it appears to do that for a few minutes and then stop, in that there’s no way I can tell if it’s connected or if all the new AA batteries have suddenly died. Moving the wire of the adapter doesn’t seem to make any difference so I’m not sure if that is the problem. However while I was thinking what way it should work is appear to be charging the BMPCC and then when the AA batteries die, the charging symbol disappears meaning I’m working off the BMPCC’s own battery, what actually seems to be happening is the BMPCC battery will drop to 1% eventually and then if I pull out the SmallRig adapter the camera goes dead. So it appears to be charging it somehow but not lasting the time I would expect or working as expected

    • Hey Dave, I didn’t notice anything like that! I usually use my NPF batteries – not the battery case for AA batteries, but I will test this setup today again and let you know. But from what I remember it behaved differently in my case.

      • Dave Thorpe

        Thanks Tom it would be great to know

        • Hey Dave, i have the same problem and no solution for that. Like the pocket to much to replace her with another cam.

    • OK, just tested my solution and it works as expected: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/08def1965a0ce23806bfdf7f89a8a9d56d26fa29c8a384f20118b9a41ac53dfa.jpg
      Maybe it has something to do with a battery case or batteries? I’m using eneloop white AA batteries.

      • Dave Thorpe

        Mine does that for a couple minutes and then just stops doing that for some reason. I’ve used Panasonic and Duracell disposable batteries

        • I left it running for over 2 hours and what you described started happening when the batteries were close to 0. Maybe your batteries are not powerful enough? Not sure what’s causing that.

          • Dave Thorpe

            Hmm I’ll try different batteries and see what happens. Thanks

          • I have original eneloops and after few minutes no charging symbol appears on the pocket. It must be the case or the cable. I’ll try original sony NPF batteries.

          • Yeah, this is what I would do. They seem to be the most reliable.

          • Update: Now it works as expected with Sony NPF batteries. It’s really the best power solution for the bmpcc.

          • Glad to hear that Thomas!

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