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All my video and photo gear use Manfrotto quick release adapters and 501 PL plates. I have various fluid heads and slider mounts. My Ronin-M is accepting the 501 PL plate as well.

This solution works great in most cases but has one significant shortcomingit's not very convenient with smaller cameras (like Sony A7R or Panasonic GH4 etc). The plate is quite long and sticks out especially when the camera is not mounted.

I found the solution to this inconvenience quite a long time ago and thought that maybe some of you could benefit from that.

Back in my 5D days, I was using Kamerar QV-1 Viewfinder as a loupe to help me focus in the bright sunlight.

The interesting part is that the viewfinder comes with a custom made plate which is compatible with Manfrotto 501 PL plate!

On top of that it has a few advantages:

  1. It's much smaller – works better with cameras like Sony A7R, GH4, etc.
  2. Works both ways (you can mount it from both directions whereas the original plate can be mounted only in one direction).
  3. 1/4" & 3/8" threads at the bottom

Even though I don't use the viewfinder anymore I ordered a few plates and have them on my smaller cameras all the time.

This way I use one type of quick release adapters and original plates for bigger and heavier cameras, and QV-1 from Kamerar for smaller ones.

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