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It’s almost here – official release is scheduled for this Monday (16 January 2017). The plugin works with all the CC versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro. Sadly, it doesn’t support older CS versions.

The plugin will be available for Windows as well as for Mac Os. All the features present in current OpenFX version for DaVinci Resolve were ported 1:1. There is only one limitation in Premiere Pro – highlights & shadows preset won’t work there because there seems to be an issue with color transparency in the effects settings panel.

Following this release I will focus on finishing version 2.2 which introduces one more preset – BlackMagic Video Assist and additional option allowing you to hide the scale from the output image.

BlackMagic Video Assist preset will be available in a version 2.2

A few ideas for future versions:

  1. FCPX support
  2. Saturation map – instead of luminosity, the false color overlay will present the saturation intensity
  3. Preset builder – intuitive GUI for preset creation
  4. ACES support
  5. Many, many more.

Is there anything that you would love to see in the plugin? Let me know!

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