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The title says it all. I selected ProRes Proxy format to extend the recording time per memory card to the maximum. I connected Anker Astro Pro2 and hit record on the Pocket Camera. I still had to format my 64 GB memory card three times during the test. Eventually, the camera died after 10 hours and 39 minutes! Keep in mind that the battery pack is more than 1 year old, so brand new one will last even longer.

What’s nice about Anker is that it clearly shows the current battery level.

How to use Anker battery Pack with BMPCC

Check out my previous article about my Pocket Camera setup to find out what you need to connect Anker battery pack to your Pocket Camera (in short, you will need this).

Next to the 9-12V port there are 3 extra USB 5V ports that can be used to charge the phone or a tablet.


Note, that the internal battery doesn’t charge when Anker is connected. A percentage will stay at the same level while the Anker is connected and powers the camera.

How long your solution allows you to record? Share in the comments below!

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