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License activation

To activate the license automatically you will need an internet access on the machine you would like to use the plugin on. In case there’s no internet access there you can use the offline activation option which requires sending us an email with a request file. Please see the details below.

The license can be activated on up to 3 machines at the same time. After 3 activations you can use Nobe Color Remap utility app to deactivate the license on the given machine to get your “slot” back and activate again on another machine.

Online activation

In order to activate the license you need to open Nobe Color Remap application. You can find it in the Applications folder on macOS and a desktop shortcut should be created on Windows (if not, it can be found in c:\Program Files (x86)\NobeColorRemap\).

Once the application is open please follow these steps to activate:
How To Activate Nobe Color Remap – Time in Pixels

If the internet access is not available please see the next section – offline activation.

Offline activation

There is a way to activate the license when no internet access is available on the destination machine.
In order to do that please open Nobe Color Remap app (see the previous section where to find it).
Follow the below steps depending if you are on macOS or Windows.



The program will generate the request file (*.olr) and ask to save it on the hard drive.

Please send us the request file via email: contact@timeinpixels.com

We will reply back with the response file that can be used to activate the license without the internet access.

Once the response file is received open the Nobe Color Remap app again and select Offline Response. The program will ask you to provide the response file and will activate the license on the machine.