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Plugin doesn’t show up in Resolve on macOS

Make sure you can access the below directory from Finder:


If you cannot access this location it means that file permissions are not set properly for the current user.
To resolve the issue the permissions have to be changed for the above directory including all subdirectories and files so that DaVinci Resolve can access them.

In order to do that just right-click the directory and select Get Info. In the bottom part you will see a section called Sharing & Permissions:

The above picture shows how the permissions should be configured. Make sure to click the golden padlock first to unlock the grid for editing.

BlackMagic Fusion crashes on startup

The FalseColor plugin is not designed to work with BlackMagic Fusion and for some reason the application crashes on startup when the False Color plugin is installed in the system.

To fix the issue the False Color plugin has to be added to the Fusion’s blacklist. To do that open the below file (if there’s no such file, create one)

~/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Fusion/Profiles/Default/FusionOFX.blacklist

Once the file exists paste the below lines into the file and save.


This will prevent it loading that particular plugin bundles.