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I have to replace you right away. You were good to me for many years but your time is over. I already got the replacement. It’s younger, thinner and although its body is shaped differently, I really like it.

Please meet my new mouse – Logitech MX Anywhere 2. It has replaced my 4 years old Logitech Performance MX. A few days ago I noticed that the mouse started registering double clicks instead of single clicks, which was super annoying. I checked on various forums and tried proposed solutions but nothing worked for me. I guess it’s just worn out and the connectors are not working properly anymore. After a few days of using my new mouse I wanted to share a couple of observations and try to compare the two mice in case you are looking for a new one and considered one of them.

Mouse for post-production work

Precision. This is number one priority for me. Either in editing or color grading, I need to be able to adjust the sliders precisely, mark in & out points or make some fine adjustments on the pixel level. The same goes for Photoshop or After Effects. When I’m not using a tablet, I need precise mouse.

Just to give you an example – Apple mouse is horrible. I was not able to use it, and I tried so many times to get used to it, but it just lacks precision. For non technical tasks it was fine (email, internet browser, etc). Anything requiring more precision was an annoying task.

Both mice described here are precise.

MX Anywhere 2 vs Performance MX

Here’s the lost of pros and cons of Logitech Anywhere 2 compared with Performance MX:

What’s better

  1. The mouse can be paired with 3 different computers which is very useful when I switch between my workstation and laptop – I can take the mouse with me and it’s ready to use.
  2. USB & bluetooth – the mouse connects through USB (unifying adapter) or bluetooth. The latter one works great with Mac and I don’t need to take the USB dongle with me when going out with the laptop.
  3. Works on any surface. Literally any surface I tried. The previous one worked on almost any surface, but I found a few tables that were causing some issues. The new one works like a charm all the time.

What’s worse

  1. No replaceable battery. This means that when the battery dies we have to connect the wire to the mouse. The old mouse had the rechargeable battery inside that I could just swap with the chparged one.
  2. No thumb button. I really got used to this one for the Mission Control quick access. Now I mapped it to the side buttons which requires some hand reprogramming.
  3. No wheel click. Clicking the scroll wheel turns the smooth scroll on and off. There is no way to program it as a middle click. I had to use the button behind the wheel which again, requires some exercise to feel right.

Final words

The ergonomics are different. The old one was significantly bigger but I noticed that I never rest my hand on the mouse. I only touch the mouse with the tips of my fingers, so the actual size of the mouse doesn’t really make a big difference to me. But if you need to rest your hand on the mouse and size matters then you might not like the size of Logitech MX Anywhere 2.

On the other hand of you need a portable mouse that can be quickly switched between computers and doesn’t require usb receiver this is definitely a good choice.

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