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A few days ago one of the users at the BMPCC facebook group asked for help with color correcting his footage. He recorded some material with the improper white-balance and in problematic lighting conditions (probably some mixture of LED lights).

I gave it a shot and recorded a screencast while I was doing it.

Here’s more or less what I did:

  1. Correcting the levels with gain and lift controls in the first node
  2. Selecting skin tones with a quilifier
  3. Creating outside node with non-skin selection
  4. Selecting the reds and enhancing them in 4th node
  5. Fixing the green cast in the skin in 5th node
  6. Vignette in the 6th node
  7. Global contrast and some color adjustments in the last one

Useful shortcuts

  • ⌘+d – disable current node
  • ⌥+d – disable all nodes
  • ⌥+s – create new serial node

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