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In this post I would like to show you two cinematic productions shot with Nikon D800 that have impressed me recently. It really proves that Nikon released a very powerful and capable camera with video features. Canon has always been the one shining in the movie industry after the release of 5D M2, but now Nikon has something in his arsenal which can compete and even deliver much better results due to uncompressed HDMI output.

Below you can watch two productions entirely shot with the Nikon D800. Of course the amount of gear used to actually shoot these movies is overwhelming for a regular photographer, but the core behind all this is just a camera we all know from the photography world.

The first movie at the beginning of the post is entitled “Joy Ride”. You can also watch the behind the scenes here.

Another one is called “Broken Night”:

And there is a project’s site with additional footage from behind the scenes, interviews with director etc.

In both productions you can see very difficult scenes to shoot, low light situations, different lighting conditions, action shots, various angles impossible for traditional cameras – all this shows that Nikon D800 gives absolutely new opportunities in the movie production area and the results that can be achieved with it are stunning.

Another interesting fact is that the very same camera was used in one of the Dexter episodes (you can see that in the featured picture above this article).

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