Nobe OmniScope BETA

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Supported Platforms

  • DeckLink input device,
  • AJA U-TAP,
  • DaVinci Resolve through OpenFX plugin,
  • Premiere Pro & After Effects,
  • Assimilate Scratch,
  • Any photo editing app (Photoshop, Lightroom, C1, etc)
Beautiful design & robust options

Nobe OmniScope is loaded with powerful features

that makes grading easy

Loaded With Scope Options

Waveforms, Parade, Vectorscope, False Color, CIE Plot, Histogram and more!

Huge Flexibility

Each scope can be adjusted to fit perfectly

Flexible Layout

Docking options allow you to create the perfect layout for your needs


OmniFocus works in Windows and macOS

Blazing Performance

Full GPU utilization gives you the top notch performance

Updated Frequently

One purchase grants you lifetime updates

Beautiful design & robust options

See Nobe OmniScope in action

Use quick mask in the Source Viewer to quickly monitor just the portion of the image. The scopes will then reflect the selection showing only the selected part of the image.

Press and hold Alt key to see the color picker in the source viewer. The picker shows the RGB, CMYK and HEX color representation. Alt click the image to copy the HEX code to the clipboard.

Multiple Waveform options, peak level indicators, colorize options and many fine-tuning preferences.