False Color 3 Changelog

False Color 3.99

  • Photoshop 2023 (24.0) support.

False Color 3.98

  • Fixed Premiere Pro Transmitter plugin on M1 chips..

False Color 3.97

  • Fixed Premiere Pro / After Effects plugin - SDK updates.

False Color 3.96

  • Photoshop 2022 support.

False Color 3.95

  • M1 support in Premiere Pro and After Effects plugin.

False Color 3.94

  • Fixed Remote False Color compatibility issue on macOS.

False Color 3.93

  • Adding the option to specify the 3D LUT size for export in False Color Standalone app.

False Color 3.92

  • FCPX plugin fix.

False Color 3.91

  • Photoshop plugin: Apple Silicon support.

False Color 3.90

  • Fixed OFX plugin issues on macOS.

False Color 3.89

  • Fixed FalseColorConfig style issues when in light mode in macOS,
  • Fixed Photoshop plugin crashing when closing the window with the red close button.

False Color 3.88

  • Using local Desktop directory for 3D LUT export (instead of a public one)

False Color 3.87

  • Fixed issue in Photoshop plugin on macOS Big Sur

False Color 3.86

  • Fixed FCPX title.

False Color 3.85

  • Fixed Remote False Color disconnections with Resolve 17 Studio.

False Color 3.84

  • Metal GPU code improvements.
  • Removed CPU/GPU switch from the OFX UI.

False Color 3.83

  • Universal macOS build with CUDA support.

False Color 3.82

  • Apple Silicon support (OFX and FCPX plugin).

False Color 3.81

  • Installer fixed for Photoshop 2021.

False Color 3.80

  • Fixed macOS error in False Color Config that popped up on every launch.

False Color 3.79

  • Revived Windows 7 support in OFX plugin.

False Color 3.78

  • Fixed crash in Remote False Color when browsing presets and there are no user presets saved on disk.

False Color 3.77

  • Support for User Presets in Remote False Color for Premiere Pro and After Effects.

False Color 3.76

  • Remote False Color for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

False Color 3.75

  • Improved FlaseColorConfig app on Windows.

False Color 3.74

  • Fixed some issues with Photoshop plugin installer on macOS.

False Color 3.73

  • New installer.

False Color 3.72

  • CUDA runtime fix for Windows OFX plugin.

False Color 3.71

  • Minor improvements.

False Color 3.70

  • Fixed mouse related issues on retina displays in FCPX plugin.

False Color 3.69

  • Fixed mouse related issues on retina displays.

False Color 3.68

  • 3D LUT export option in Photoshop plugin.

False Color 3.67

  • Fixed Windows installer for Photoshop 2020.
  • Fixed macOS installer for After Effects 2020.

False Color 3.66

  • Support for Photoshop 2020.

False Color 3.65

  • Ability to load 3D LUT in RemoteFalseColor for external device or screen capture.

False Color 3.64

  • Fixed FCPX version of the plugin.
  • Added full retina support in FCPX plugin.

False Color 3.63

  • Retina Display related issues on macOS fix.

False Color 3.62

  • Saturation mode 3D LUT export.

False Color 3.61

  • Improved OFX Metal support.

False Color 3.60

  • Added configurable Remote port.

False Color 3.59

  • Added Preset Export and Import in PP and AE version of the plugin.

False Color 3.58

  • Fixed the default preset loading.

False Color 3.57

  • New overlay mode (fixed size & position scale).
  • Various fixes.

False Color 3.56

  • Added METAL support on macOS.

False Color 3.55

  • Fixed the HiDPI bug in Remote app.

False Color 3.54

  • License activation improvements.

False Color 3.53

  • Adding missing extensions on file save (presets, LUTs, etc).

False Color 3.52

  • Improved the CUDA renderers compatibility for DaVinci Resolve.
  • Preset Editor improvements for Windows.

False Color 3.51

  • Fixed RemoteFalseColor autostart directly from Resolve.
  • Desktop monitoring feature in Remote False Color.

False Color 3.50

  • After Effects fixes.

False Color 3.49

  • Fixed the video input source in Remote False Color.

False Color 3.48

  • Fixed the custom preset file filtering.

False Color 3.47

  • Fixed the custom preset loading.

False Color 3.47

  • Improved the multi GPU support in Remote False Color.

False Color 3.46

  • Added the option to export VLT 3D LUT (Panasonic format).

False Color 3.45

  • Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects bugs solved.

False Color 3.44

  • The option to save the default preset.
  • Preset placed in the user directory will be loaded to the preset combo box.

False Color 3.43

  • Fixed some watermark issues.

False Color 3.42

  • Integrated Preset Editor in Adobe Photoshop / Affinity Photo plugin version.

False Color 3.41

  • Fixed the fullscreen button for False Color Remote

False Color 3.40

  • Preset Editor for Premiere Pro & AE plugin version

False Color 3.39

  • Added R3D Legacy preset from 2.x plugin version.
  • Added Atomos Shogun preset.
  • Configurable size of the 3D LUT when exporting.
  • Preset editor improvements.

False Color 3.38

  • Introducing new visual Preset Editor for OFX version.

False Color 3.37

  • Fixed crashes & compatibility issues in NuKe.

False Color 3.36

  • Saving RemoteFalseColor window position, size and state, restoring on start.
  • Mojave Dark Mode fix for the installer.
  • Fixed rare file permission issue when applying a license.

False Color 3.35

  • Fixed the Remote bug when using 1998x1080 DCI resolution in Resolve

False Color 3.34

  • Fixed saving 3D LUT file without extension
  • Fixed saving 3D LUT with the transparent colors

False Color 3.33

  • Fixed Remote False Color settings in OFX section

False Color 3.32

  • Explicit check for updates from False Color Config with dialog window
  • More verbose error messages for the license activation

False Color 3.31

  • Added preset import & export

False Color 3.30

  • Fixed issues with the plugin in Sony Vegas Pro

False Color 3.29

  • Fixed issues with the plugin in Assimilate Scratch

False Color 3.28

  • Fixed Remote shutdown crash

False Color 3.27

  • Clipping out of range luminosity/saturation for Remote fix (CPU mode)

False Color 3.26

  • Clipping out of range luminosity/saturation for Remote fix

False Color 3.25

  • DaVinci Resolve 15b3 parameters restoring fix.

False Color 3.24

  • DaVinci Resolve 15b3 crash fix.

False Color 3.23

  • Version mismatch additional fix.

False Color 3.22

  • Version mismatch check between OFX and Remote False Color.

False Color 3.21

  • Open & connect Remote False Color directly from DaVinci Resolve.

False Color 3.20

  • Plugin updater fix.
  • Remote False Color UI changes.
  • Fullscreen mode using TAB key.

False Color 3.19

  • Major internal code changes.

False Color 3.18

  • Added Quality option for Remote False Color (100%, 50%, 25%)
  • Updated icons

False Color 3.17

  • Fixed possible conflict between False Color OFX and Nobe Display on Windows

False Color 3.16

  • Code-signed binaries for Windows

False Color 3.15

  • Photoshop plugin release

False Color 3.14

  • Fixed Remote False Color issues with resolutions lower that Wx900px

False Color 3.13

  • Fixed False Color Config interoperability with DaVinci Display (license management)

False Color 3.12

  • Fixed False Color interoperability with DaVinci Display
  • Fixed Remote False Color issues when changing project resolution while running Remote app
  • Performance improvements

False Color 3.11

  • Fixed False Color for Sony Vegas Pro

False Color 3.10

  • Fixed Adobe solid color display on windows
  • Added multiple targets for CUDA on Windows & Mac
  • Small FalseColorConfig enhancements

False Color 3.9

  • One plugin version with external configuration for GPU vs CPU processing
  • Fixed the Resolve crashes and freezes when using both GPU & CPU versions
  • Added Thumbnail Preview option (false overlay on the thumbnails when in Remote mode)
  • Fixed permissions issue crash - added a message box with the warning on FalseColor Config startup
  • Enhanced the logger

False Color 3.8

  • Support for Remote False Color 3 license only (without OFX)

False Color 3.7

  • Fixed a bug in the FalseColor plugin for Adobe (Mac)

False Color 3.6

  • Fixed a bug in the FalseColor Config plugin updater

False Color 3.5

  • Added old Saturation Mode from v2.3 (called now Saturation II)

False Color 3.5

  • Added Activation button in the plugin options that opens False Color Config

False Color 3.4

  • Added OFX auto-updater on Mac side in FalseColor Config

False Color 3.3

  • Fixed Retina display issue in Remote False Color
  • Added offline activation in FalseColor Config

False Color 3.2

  • Fixed LUT export on AppStore Resolve version
  • Fixed the stretch issue in Remote False Color
  • Added fullscreen and Always on top options in Remote False Color

False Color 3.1

  • Fixed a bug when an email address contains a plus sign
  • Fixed a bug when the license was not active for AppStore version of Resolve