1.10.122 2024-03-30

  • AddedImproved ICC profile support
  • AddedDark themed title bar on Windows
  • FixedFixed DeckLink 12-bit signal setting not being loaded correctly

1.10.121 2024-03-20

  • FixedFixed a Waveform outline issue when left margin is set

1.10.120 2024-03-20

  • AddedAdded the option to specify the time-code type (VITC or LTC) for the QC timeline
  • AddedAdded trace based peak levels in Waveform scope
  • AddedImproved Gamut scope overlay color range for warning vs error
  • FixedRenamed Gamut Check to Legal Range Check

1.10.119 2024-03-04

  • AddedFixed input settings for multiple inputs of the same type
  • AddedAdded Focus Peaking overlay in the Source Viewer
  • AddedAdded Toggle Focus Peaking StreamDeck action
  • AddedAdded Toggle Focus Peaking + Luma StreamDeck action
  • AddedAdded more verbose error reporting for USB devices on macOS
  • FixedFixed Point Size setting in 3D Color Cube scope on Windows

1.10.118 2024-02-17

  • AddedSnapshot sub-folders are sorted alphabetically now
  • FixedFixed False Color preset reloading and resetting the scope
  • FixedFixed False Color opacity setting not being applied

1.10.117 2024-02-02

  • AddedAdded Flip Horizontally & Vertically options in the input settings
  • AddedAdded the keyboard shortcuts in the Question dialogs - Y/N and ESC.
  • FixedFixed a crash when resizing OmniScope window while in Solo mode
  • FixedFixed a random crash when taking a snapshot
  • FixedFixed a crash when trying to open unsupported MXF video files

1.10.116 2024-01-27

  • AddedAdded the option to delete all snapshots in the current directory
  • AddedAdded option to define next/prev photo loading when using Image Source
  • AddedAdded support for hardware license keys (dongles)
  • AddedAdded the action to set the aspect ratio of the input source
  • FixedFixed AJA related crashes on Windows
  • FixedFixed various memory leaks
  • FixedFixed issues when grabbing snapshots for multiple inputs

1.10.115 2024-01-19

  • AddedImproved Crop functionality - dragging by edge, displaying crop numbers
  • AddedAdded more actions to the Action Manager
  • AddedAbility to filter actions by Scope index
  • AddedUX improvements in Action Manager
  • AddedAbility to navigate to the next/prev image with arrows when using Image source
  • FixedFixed issues with image loading on Windows
  • FixedFixed a crash when loading corrupted JPEG files

1.10.114 2024-01-14

  • AddedHiding mouse cursor when in Loupe mode
  • AddedMinor Loupe improvements
  • FixedFixed Solo action for keyboard / StreamDeck

1.10.113 2024-01-12

  • AddedAdded Magnifying Glass feature (loupe)
  • FixedFixed crash related to opening image files

1.10.112 2024-01-11

  • AddedImproved action editor for StreamDeck actions management

1.10.111 2024-01-10

  • AddedSkinTone Scope is now available in Photo and Video versions
  • AddedAdded new StreamDeck action editor for global and per layout actions

1.10.110 2024-01-10

  • AddedNew Keyboard Action editor
  • AddedNew keyboard mapping config file kb.json
  • AddedImproved protocol-based license activation
  • AddedAll actions can now be invoked through protocol url
  • FixedFixed multi-monitor support on macOS

1.10.109 2024-01-05

  • AddedAutomatic license activation improvements
  • FixedFixed crash when toggling from one Solo to another using StreamDeck

1.10.108 2024-01-04

  • AddedAdded 3-color gradient mode to the SkinTone scope
  • AddedImproved license activation process
  • FixedFixed SkinTone scope mask reset (doesn't show Hue range in the viewer)
  • FixedFixed False Color mode not saving properly

1.10.107 2024-01-01

  • AddedOption to set the color of QC Timeline parts without frames (instead of red)
  • FixedFixed UI scaling issues

1.10.106 2023-12-30

  • AddedCustom UI scaling option on macOS
  • FixedFixed Use Black Scope Frames appearance setting not working
  • FixedFixed custom UI scaling on Windows

1.10.105 2023-12-28

  • FixedFixed an issue with restoring OmniScope on the right monitor when maximised/fullscreen on Windows

1.10.104 2023-12-28

  • FixedFixed new GPU backend for precision mode on Windows

1.10.103 2023-12-27

  • AddedNew Compute backend on Windows
  • FixedFixed 3D Color Cube missing planes

1.10.102 2023-12-20

  • AddedAdded new Skin Tone scope (extracted some features from Source preview)
  • FixedFixed waveform rendering - edge spike issue
  • FixedFixed 3D Color Cube rendering on Windows

1.10.101 2023-12-18

  • AddedImproved auto-update experience on Windows
  • Added3D Color Cube visual enhancements
  • FixedFixed False Color masking when opened/closed the settings
  • FixedFixed Photo license scope limit not showing it properly on 3D LUT/ICC scope
  • FixedFixed keyboard shortcuts on Windows (Ctrl +)

1.10.100 2023-12-02

  • FixedFixed an issue when 2 AJA devices of the same model are connected
  • FixedFixed an issue with loading EXR images

1.10.99 2023-12-01

  • AddedAdding ProPhoto and AdobeRGB gamuts to CIE Plot
  • AddedImproved the lagging introduced in 1.10.94
  • FixedFixed an OFX crash when applying a plugin in Resolve
  • FixedFixed a crash on startup on older macOS versions (Catalina, Mojave)
  • FixedFixed an issue with invalid characters being allowed in layout names

1.10.98 2023-11-24

  • FixedFixed crash on startup on some Windows configurations

1.10.97 2023-11-22

  • FixedFixed issues with loading images on Windows

1.10.96 2023-11-21

  • FixedFixed image files not being shown in the scopes
  • FixedFixed window size not being loaded properly on macOS

1.10.95 2023-11-20

  • FixedOmniScope crash on startup fix

1.10.94 2023-11-20

  • AddedAdded the option to use bigger font in Data Analyser
  • AddedGPU performance optimizations
  • AddedAdding more sliders with double-click to reset to default value
  • AddedAdding more tooltips in the UI
  • FixedFixed multi-monitor related issues
  • FixedFixed input slot being stuck when cancelled open file dialog

1.10.93 2023-11-13

  • FixedFixed color picker offset issues
  • FixedFixed color picker and data analyser issues when using crop and aspect ratio settings
  • FixedFixed major performance issues when working with 2 sources that have different signal ranges (video + full)
  • FixedFixed loading 8-bit TIFF image files
  • FixedFixed a crash when exiting solo mode
  • FixedImproved email validation on Trial License request from the Splash Screen

1.10.92 2023-11-08

  • AddedAdded the option to add the NDI Stream custom ID and ability to monitor other OmniScope NDI streams
  • FixedFixed a crash when taking and loading a snapshot with Crop applied

1.10.91 2023-11-07

  • AddedAdded startup basic layout on first app launch
  • AddedImproved OFX, Premiere & AE plugin so that the image is displayed upon connecting
  • AddedAdded custom Histogram targets
  • FixedFixed saving & restoring the window position and size on Windows
  • FixedFixed license deactivation not always properly working

1.10.90 2023-11-05

  • AddedPerformance improvements
  • FixedFixed and issue with using color picker and data analyser with Aspect Ratio settings
  • FixedFixed color picker color when sampling YCbCr source directly

1.10.89 2023-11-04

  • AddedRenamed the Color Management presets (Thanks Thomas Berglund!)
  • AddedAdded Gamut Scope warning when not working in Rec.2020
  • AddedDisabled Gamut Check in CIE Plot when not working in Rec.2020
  • AddedConfigurable maximum UI refresh rate on macOS (60Hz default)
  • FixedFixed the peak levels in HDR modes
  • FixedFixed Spout source causing a crash on Windows
  • FixedFixed Snapshot scope name not being saved
  • FixedFixed the 4:2:2 Processing Stack label

1.10.88 2023-11-02

  • AddedImplemented video file deinterlacing
  • AddedAdded all the primaries from the available OCIO colorspaces to the CIE Plot
  • FixedFixed luminosity channel peak level calculation
  • FixedReverted HDR Peak Levels calculation to SMPTE coefficients rather than CIE absolute luminance

1.10.87 2023-10-31

  • AddedAdded high precision calculation setting in Preferences
  • FixedFixed Transmitter exception on Premiere Pro / AE launch

1.10.86 2023-10-30

  • FixedFixed color picker and data analyser readouts for 16bit signals
  • FixedFixed some issues with signal filtering

1.10.85 2023-10-28

  • AddedSimultaneous multi-channel monitoring with AJA cards
  • AddedAdded the option to specifically set Quad Link for UHD for AJA cards
  • FixedFixed crash at exit when AJA devices present in the system
  • FixedFixed issues with signal range scaling the in the vectorscope in some configurations
  • FixedFixed handling multiple BMD devices of the same type

1.10.84 2023-10-26

  • AddedAdded the option to map StreamDeck action to multiple input devices individually
  • AddedAdded the option to override the signal range in PP / AE input settings
  • FixedFixed the snapshots not being saved with the proper range (video/full)
  • FixedFixed the crash when aspect ratio is set to custom and value goes near 0.1
  • FixedFixed peak levels in MinMax scope not always working

1.10.83 2023-10-25

  • AddedMinMax scope stretches to the scope size when source image is dimmed 100%
  • AddedAdded the preferences option to toggle the macOS top menu
  • AddedAdded the option to select the source for Color Picker and Data Analyser
  • AddedStay on top option is now applied to multi-monitor views
  • FixedFixed incorrect decoding of 10 bit YCbCr video files
  • FixedFixed random crashes when using ScreenCapture and DirectX 9 driver on Windows

1.10.82 2023-10-23

  • AddedAdded the Settings UI to set the ScreenCapture driver
  • AddedSignal Generator YCbCr signal enhancements
  • FixedFixed occasional crashes when using Screen Capture on Windows
  • FixedFixed email validation in the License window

1.10.81 2023-10-21

  • AddedImproved auto-connect time on startup
  • FixedFixed automatic layout loading keeping one scope detached from the layout
  • FixedFixed histogram getting white when input frame is pure black
  • FixedFixed Input Strip state not being saved in layout properly
  • FixedFixed Histogram adaptive scaling not always giving best results

1.10.80 2023-10-20

  • AddedLegal range represented by an extra cube in 3D Color Cube scope
  • FixedFixed GPU hangs on Intel UHD 630 on macOS

1.10.79 2023-10-19

  • AddedAdded GPU hangs detection on Intel UHD 630 GPU on macOS
  • AddedMissing OpenCL.dll will not prevent OmniScope from starting
  • FixedFixed issues with Temp license deactivations

1.10.78 2023-10-13

  • AddedImplemented adaptive histogram scaling
  • FixedFixed Limit to 1080p option behaviour
  • FixedFixed OpenFX CUDA issues on some nVidia platforms
  • FixedFixed some False Color settings not being saved

1.10.77 2023-10-12

  • AddedDisabled automatic config import from previous version
  • FixedFixed flipped RGB channels when using RGBA 10bit in SCRATCH
  • FixedFixed missing Chinese font on some Windows systems
  • FixedFixed green background in audio and text scopes
  • FixedFixed OpenFX plugin issues on some CUDA GPUs
  • FixedFixed Metal related issues on older macOS versions

1.10.76 2023-10-11

  • FixedFixed error message box showing up when connecting to SCRATCH
  • FixedFixed issue with selecting scale type when color settings autodetection is on
  • FixedFixed crash on startup when there are regular and temp license in the database
  • FixedFixed an issue when OmniScope started in the invisible are on desktop

1.10.75 2023-10-08

  • AddedTAB key applies the style change to the QC windows and Timeline panel
  • AddedConfigurable number of input slots that are visible in the Input Strip
  • AddedTranslation updates
  • FixedFixed a crash when loading some specific False Color presets / layouts

1.10.74 2023-10-05

  • AddedAdded EDL Markers QC Timeline export
  • FixedStability improvements

1.10.73 2023-10-04

  • AddedImproved device loading time on startup
  • AddedATEM devices show up in the device list always (regardless of the USB driver options)
  • FixedFixed CIE Plot rendering issues when resizing the scope
  • FixedFixed saving False Color changes on preset load
  • FixedFixed False Color preset loading

1.10.72 2023-10-03

  • AddedAbility to add timeline bookmarks (cmd/ctrl+B)
  • AddedAdding the timeline bookmark through StreamDeck
  • FixedFixed False Color load & save presets options visibility
  • FixedFixed PP/AE transmitter frame ratios issues
  • FixedFixed crash when enabling StreamDeck support in Preferences on macOS

1.10.71 2023-10-02

  • AddedAdded alternative timeline unit (when no TC available)
  • AddedBrought back extra waveform low-pass filtering
  • AddedAdded CIE Plot overlay opacity slider
  • AddedAdded the option to playback a video file in half the fps for 50/60p files
  • AddedImproved crash dump generation on Windows
  • FixedFixed adding RGB target directly from color picker (alt + ctrl + click)
  • FixedFixed solo causing a crash in some situations
  • FixedFixed monitor ICC profile related crash
  • FixedFixed a color picker crash when all the QC features are off

1.10.70 2023-09-29

  • FixedFixed Color Picker not always updating
  • FixedFixed Data Analyser in YCbCr mode
  • FixedFixed Data Analyser when monitoring raw frame

1.10.69 2023-09-29

  • AddedAdded Hue mode in False Color
  • FixedFixed color picker on some GPUs (mostly windows specific)

1.10.68 2023-09-27

  • AddedReverted back the Waveform luma calculations
  • FixedFixed crash on startup on macOS 10.13

1.10.67 2023-09-27

  • AddedImproved OpenCL status reporting
  • AddedIncreased mouse wheel sensitivity when zooming scopes
  • FixedFixing wrong slot numbers imported from older versions
  • FixedFixed timeline tracks missing after disabling them
  • FixedFixed Hide Scale in False Color not working
  • FixedFixed toolbar visibility issues when using TAB key

1.10.66 2023-09-25

  • AddedAdded better GPU compute error handling
  • FixedFixed Trial License expiration date displayed in License window

1.10.65 2023-09-24

  • AddedImproved input sources downsampling with Lanczos filtering
  • FixedFixed rare crash related to wrong OCIO config file

1.10.64 2023-09-18

  • AddedNew QC feature - Audio Silence detection
  • AddedBlend snapshot with accent colour moved to Snapshot Manager
  • AddedStability inprovements in Snapshot functionality
  • AddedImproved TextDisplay scope text resolution
  • FixedFixed issue with input 3D LUTs
  • FixedFixed Blend Last Snapshot memory leak
  • ChangedBlend snapshot strength with W key + mouse dragging in the viewer

1.10.63 2023-09-17

  • FixedFixed a crash when taking a snapshot

1.10.62 2023-09-17

  • FixedFixed snapshots features being disabled
  • FixedFixed video file getting stuck on Windows

1.10.61 2023-09-16

  • AddedAdded the option to toggle histogram edge
  • Added3D Cube rotation is now saved
  • AddedAutomatic color settings based on source
  • AddedAdded ACEScc, ACEScct and DaVinci Intermediate WG colorspaces to OFX
  • AddedOmniScope connects automatically when launched from OFX plugin
  • AddedAdded option to monitor audio
  • FixedFixed auto-connect related issues and potential crashes
  • FixedFixed FPS settings for NDI out
  • ChangedRe-added color picker settings on Windows

1.10.60 2023-09-11

  • AddedOption to override signal range settings for OFX and Nobe Connect
  • AddedNobe Connect optimizations
  • FixedFixed macOS Catalina crash on startup

1.10.59 2023-09-06

  • AddedNew Nobe Connect source on Windows
  • AddedOption to hide BMD devices using USB driver
  • FixedFixed windows OFX related crashes

1.10.58 2023-09-04

  • AddedAdded axis arrows in 3D Cube scope
  • AddedAdded Enhance slider in 3D Cube scope
  • FixedFixed opt-O shortcut for Stay on Top on macOS
  • FixedFixed image loading on Windows
  • FixedFixed RGB/BGR issues when loading images / using screencapture on Windows

1.10.57 2023-09-01

  • Added3D Color Cube shows more saturated colors
  • AddedBetter 3D Color Cube rendering when using selections
  • AddedUpdated OCIO to v2.3
  • FixedFixed crash on startup on Windows
  • FixedFixed 3D Color Cube clipping on macOS
  • FixedFixed 3D Color Cube depth issues

1.10.56 2023-08-29

  • AddedImproved the UI of OCIO colorspace selection
  • AddedUpgraded OCIO Color Management to v2.1
  • AddedColor Management is now defined per input source
  • AddedAdded Input Presets: SDR, HDR PQ, HDR HLG, ST2084
  • AddedAll the signal settings have been moved to the Input Settings
  • AddedAspect-ratio input setting is now saved per input
  • AddedHDR Gamut check logs are now saved in the Error Logger
  • AddedImplemented fully Colour Managed Gamut scope
  • AddedGamut scope with brightness mode
  • AddedGamut scope with configurable gamut limit
  • AddedGamut Scope brightness threshold in nits
  • AddedConfigurable gamut check in CIE plot (709, P3, 2020)
  • AddedPlayback loop icon changes when clicked
  • AddedAdded "Loop file playback by default" option
  • AddedImproved luminosity calculation for PQ and HLG signals
  • FixedFixed Stay On Top flag not being applied on app restart

1.10.55 2023-08-19

  • AddedAdded 16bit TIFF image support
  • FixedFixed a crash on macOS when using a Screen Capture
  • FixedFixed OpenColorIO conversions not being applied

1.10.54 2023-08-16

  • AddedUpdated Chinese translations
  • AddedOption to display media timecode (rather than playback timecode)
  • FixedFixed scope resizing artifacts

1.10.53 2023-08-14

  • AddedText Display can show path and filename of active file-based source
  • FixedFixed 3D LUT/ICC scope being empty

1.10.52 2023-08-13

  • AddedSCRATCH and Transmitter sources support connecting state
  • AddedFixed HDR display for Transmitter PQ source
  • AddedAdded Luminance White point and Luminance Scaling parameters for HDR display
  • AddedAdded configuration options for Transmitter source
  • FixedFixed 3D LUT/ICC scope

1.10.51 2023-08-10

  • AddedAdded the option to use non-system menu on macOS
  • FixedFixed occasional crash on exit on Windows

1.10.50 2023-08-02

  • FixedFixed a crash when switching from solo to solo scope view
  • FixedFixed issues loading OmniScope on Windows 7

1.10.49 2023-07-28

  • AddedAdded color-coding QC panels per input slot (when using multiple inputs)
  • AddedAdded a new StreamDeck actions for toggling all the QC tools
  • AddedAdded a new StreamDeck action to toggle QC Timeline on/off
  • AddedAdded a new StreamDeck action to assign a given input to all the Scopes
  • AddedAdded a confirmation option whether to ask for input re-connection when switching layouts
  • FixedFixed signal issues when using 4K DCI through DeckLink
  • FixedFixed NDI out performance issues
  • FixedFixed NDI crash when closing the app while sending NDI out

1.10.48 2023-07-27

  • AddedAdded crop and qc shortcuts in the right click menu in the Input Strip
  • FixedFixed RGB 4:4:4 10bit DeckLink signal support
  • FixedQC settings are saved per input slot and per layout
  • FixedProperly saving crop settings per input source

1.10.47 2023-07-25

  • FixedFixed Signal Generator crash when the app goes in background
  • FixedFixed a random crash when using USB device on macOS
  • FixedFixed waveform snapshot drag and drop to override the source
  • FixedFixed color picker showing wrong image read-outs
  • FixedFixed USB device related crash on macOS
  • ChangedIRE scale is displayed without percentage sign

1.10.46 2023-07-21

  • AddedAdded settings override options for USB devices on Windows
  • AddedInput settings are saved per slot (and stored in layouts too)
  • FixedFixed issues when changing signal resolution on USB devices on Windows
  • FixedFixed full/video range issues with USB devices on Windows
  • FixedFixed fps/timecode readings on USB devices on Windows and macOS
  • FixedSave and load window positon and size on macOS (incl. multi-monitor setup)
  • FixedFixed decoding YUYV signal on macOS
  • FixedFixed auto-connect issues on shutdown
  • ChangedDownsample using CPU is now disabled by default

1.10.45 2023-07-19

  • AddedAdded NV12 video format support for USB devices on Windows
  • AddedAbility to change the signal format for USB devices on Windows on the fly
  • AddedQC windows are saved and stored per layout
  • FixedFixed error logger crash

1.10.44 2023-07-18

  • AddedAdded I420 signal format support for USB devices on Windows
  • AddedAdded some additional plot filtering to CIE plot
  • AddedAdded "Smooth trace" settings to CIE plot, vectorscope and waveform
  • AddedAdded minimum input strip thumbnail size and scrollbars when needed
  • FixedFixed empty input slot for new scopes
  • FixedFixed USB device getting stuck on macOS
  • FixedFixed OFX plugin not loading in Resolve
  • FixedFixed logo rendering on trial popup window
  • FixedFixed NDI input clock

1.10.43 2023-07-17

  • AddedImproved multiple input slot assignment
  • AddedAdded information when scope is assigned to empty input slot
  • AddedImproved GPU memory usage
  • FixedFixed a problem with assigning source to scope that has an empty input slot
  • FixedFixed saving snapshots to file

1.10.42 2023-07-11

  • AddedAdded animated wait icon when loading devices
  • FixedFixed decklink signal being cropped
  • FixedFixed Min-Max scope
  • FixedFixed waveform peak-levels flickering
  • FixedFixed deployment target for macOS limited to 13.1
  • FixedFixed application shutdown time

1.10.41 2023-07-05

  • AddedAutomatic waveform scaling to the desired mastering level (PQ and HLG scales)
  • AddedFixed slot-based multiple input configuration
  • AddedStoring multi-input configuration in layouts
  • AddedAutoconnect devices on startup supports multiple input configuration
  • FixedFixed enhanced render in LMH Vectorscope
  • FixedFixed a crash when closing without connecting to any source
  • FixedFixed duplicated entries on the device list
  • FixedFixed DeckLink disconnection states
  • FixedFixed pixel format issue in Premiere Pro / AE when using HDR

1.10.40 2023-06-29

  • AddedAdded LMH Vectorscope auto-layout option including clover config
  • AddedAdded the option to differentiate the outer ring brightness in LMH mode
  • AddedAdded the option to show playback controls by default (for video files)
  • AddedIntegrated new False Color 4 engine with HDR mode and new editor

1.10.39 2023-06-23

  • FixedFixed major bugs caused by the backend overhaul

1.10.38 2023-05-26

  • AddedRewritten the backend to use Metal only on macOS
  • AddedAdded automatic license transfer from the old format
  • AddedImplemented Lanczos downsampling filter
  • AddedImplemented EBUR103 low-pass filtering for the waveform, peak levels and gamut check
  • AddedFirst successful application port to iPadOS

1.10.37 2023-04-24

  • AddedAdded Image Overlay functionality in the veiwer
  • AddedUpdated NDI to 5.5
  • AddedAdded a clear indication that OCIO is supported only in the Pro version
  • FixedFixed Transmitter plugin on macOS (PP/AE)
  • FixedFixed a major performance issue introduced in 1.10.36
  • FixedFixed fullscreen issue on Windows (minimizing the app)

1.10.36 2023-04-19

  • FixedFixed blanking detection not working when waveform peak levels is off
  • FixedFixed a crash when closing the application on a non-primary monitor (windows)

1.10.35 2023-03-30

  • FixedAdditional memory leaks fixed (primarily on macOS)

1.10.34 2023-03-29

  • FixedFixed high CPU usage on both macOS and Windows

1.10.33 2023-03-29

  • FixedFixed macOS memory leak

1.10.32 2023-03-28

  • FixedFixed fullscreen mode related issues

1.10.31 2023-03-28

  • AddedImplemented desktop scaling support on Windows
  • FixedFixed video file source on macOS (timecode & codec issues)
  • FixedFixed Crop and Solo windows in multi-monitor setup
  • FixedFixed toolbar and statusbar alignment issues
  • FixedFixed system ICC profile reading

1.10.30 2023-03-24

  • AddedImplemented Waveform highlights zoom-in
  • AddedAdded the option to output Rec2020 PQ signal out of PP/AE
  • FixedFixed transmitter plugin for PP/AE
  • FixedFixed OpenFX plugin installer on macOS

1.10.29 2023-03-21

  • AddedAdded HDR (EDR) display support on macOS

1.10.28 2023-03-20

  • AddedAdded HLG support in CIE Plot
  • AddedAdded rotating logger to prevent log file from growing too big
  • FixedFixed StreamDeck related crash

1.10.27 2023-03-14

  • AddedAdded more verbose error reporting with the issues with the GPU druvers are detected
  • FixedFixed the security issue on macOS
  • FixedFixed OpenCL related crash when connecting to the input source

1.10.26 2023-03-10

  • FixedFixed DeckLink connect crash on macOS

1.10.25 2023-03-10

  • AddedImplemented new NobeConnect plugin on Windows platform
  • FixedExtracted input sources to a separate modules
  • FixedFixed Fullscreen issues
  • FixedFixed some OpenCL related issues causing logs to grow very fast

1.10.24 2023-03-01

  • FixedFixed video file playback on Windows
  • FixedFixed black background setting

1.10.23 2023-02-28

  • FixedFixed DeckLink detection on Windows
  • FixedFixed QC Timeline context menu

1.10.22 2023-02-21

  • AddedImproved native macOS menu bar
  • AddedImplemented multi-monitor support
  • AddedQC Timeline now available for testing
  • FixedFixed keyboard input issues
  • FixedFixed saving ChannelPlot settings
  • FixedFixed color pins read outs in the Snapshot scope

1.10.21 2023-01-17

  • AddedExtra confirmation dialog when deleting a layout
  • AddedImplemented native main menu on macOS
  • FixedFixed Spout source on Windows

1.10.20 2023-01-08

  • FixedFixed Waveform vertical scaling issue
  • FixedFixed small font rendering (UI)

1.10.19 2023-01-05

  • FixedFixed license activation issues

1.10.18 2022-12-30

  • AddedAdded the option to get BETA updates automatically
  • AddedConsecutive Error Logger entries are automatically merged together and exported to CSV as ranges (N frames in the description)
  • FixedFixed selection issues (wrong area being selected)
  • FixedFixed blanking detection overlay in the source viewer
  • FixedFixed monitor detection for DirectX 9 Screen Capture on Windows

1.10.17 2022-08-21

  • AddedAdding the option to disable monitor ICC profile
  • FixedFixed the source viewer down-sampling issues

1.10.16 2022-08-20

  • AddedImproved the performance of QC GPU processing
  • FixedFixed a crash related to a screen capture
  • FixedFixed a problem when two sources used GPU acceleration
  • FixedFixed a crash when adding an extra input

1.10.15 2022-08-19

  • AddedTetrahedral interpolation in the input 3D LUT in the waveform
  • FixedFixed a crash when disconnecting using multiple input sources
  • FixedFixed a random crash when disconnecting
  • FixedFixed flickering when using crop
  • FixedFixed vectorscope display when using crop

1.10.14 2022-08-09

  • AddedIt is possible now to control OmniScope with StreamDeck running on a different machine
  • FixedFixed colorspace and down-sample scope override options not being saved properly

1.10.13 2022-07-27

  • AddedEnhanced QC tools UI
  • AddedLocalisation improvements

1.10.12 2022-07-26

  • AddedImproved the USB device support on both Windows and macOS
  • AddedEnhanced startup dialogs (update notes, license info, connect to)
  • AddedScreen Capture source reports lack of Screen Recording permission now
  • AddedOption to toggle individual channels in RGB Waveform
  • AddedAdded the option to use input 3D LUT tetrahedral interpolation
  • AddedSingle line mode enabled in release build
  • AddedChanged the gain option range for the Waveform
  • FixedFixed the usb device getting stuck on Windows
  • FixedFixed Always On Top setting not being saved properly on Windows

1.10.11 2022-07-04

  • FixedFixed missing dll on Windows build

1.10.10 2022-07-03

  • AddedRe-implemented the plugins (OFX, SCRATCH, PP/AE) - better perf and reliability
  • FixedFixed Connect To dialog sometimes not appearing at startup

1.10.9 2022-06-29

  • AddedRedesigned Connect To intro dialog - added icons
  • AddedAdded the option to change the signal format for Transmitter (PP/AE) between RGB and YCbCr
  • FixedFixed crash when disconnecting from Resolve on Windows

1.10.8 2022-06-24

  • FixedFixed License popup appearing even if there's an active license

1.10.7 2022-06-23

  • Added14 days temp license can now be requested directly from the app
  • FixedFixed Thumbnail Track scaling in the Timeline view
  • FixedFixed Vectorscope related crash on some GPUs

1.10.6 2022-06-21

  • AddedBlanking Detection errors are now added to the Error Logger
  • AddedCSV export option in Error Logger
  • AddedAdded MXF file extension support
  • AddedAdded Flip Axes option in Channel Plot
  • FixedFixed OpenCL error when using QC Gamut Check
  • FixedFixed Waveform Peak Levels when OpenCL is disabled

1.10.5 2022-06-09

  • FixedFixed crash when OpenCL is disabled

1.10.4 2022-06-09

  • AddedInternal improvements

1.10.3 2022-05-20

  • AddedNDI source has the option to override the color-space matrix
  • AddedImproved YUV 422 and 420 planar format decoding
  • FixedNDI signal now detects Rec.709 and Rec.2020 correctly
  • FixedFixed occasional crash at exit when using DeckLink device

1.10.2 2022-04-24

  • Added
  • FixedFixed RGB targets legal/full range issues
  • FixedFixed Error Logger not displaying Gamut Check errors
  • FixedFixed crash when using only Gamut Check from QC options

1.10.1 2022-03-31

  • AddedChinese language support added

1.10.0 2022-03-17

  • AddedSignificant performance improvement by re-doing the color processing pipeline
  • AddedImproved application launch time
  • AddedAdded the option to export a 3D LUT from False Color scope
  • AddedImproved performance when using point based (non-enhanced) settings in scopes
  • AddedAdded "Bypass Input Settings" option in Data Analyser
  • AddedAdded Skin Overlay feature in the source viewer
  • AddedAdded "Keep Forever" option for Peak Hold in Audio Meter
  • FixedFixed memory leaks when using video files
  • FixedFixed aspect ratio in Input Strip
  • FixedFixed CPU down-scale of the video files
  • FixedFixed snapshot delete toolbar action
  • FixedFixed switching layouts using alt-num shortcuts
  • FixedFixed a crash caused by solo`ed scope when switching layouts
  • FixedFixed Histogram issues when stretching video range to full range
  • FixedFixed snapshot blending ratio issues
  • FixedFixed aliasing issues in the source viewer

1.9.26 2022-01-07

  • FixedUSB device uses Full range for RGB signal format (instead of legal range)
  • FixedFixed 10bit histogram selection and backing surface is now 32bit floating point format
  • FixedFixed a crash when changing a source caused by auto-connect feature
  • FixedFixed video file playback in a loop
  • FixedFixed playback issue in Premiere Pro / AE plugin

1.9.25 2022-01-06

  • FixedFixed OpenCL error on macOS (nVidia GPUs)

1.9.24 2022-01-06

  • FixedFixed Premiere Pro / After Effects plugin (recent Adobe API changes)

1.9.23 2022-01-05

  • AddedAdded Data Analyser Nits per channel mode
  • AddedImproved 420P, 422P, 420P10LE and 422P10LE GPU decoders
  • AddedAdded a simple performance graph displaying each frame render time
  • FixedFixed CIE Plot video/full signal levels issue

1.9.22 2021-12-30

  • FixedFixed Vectorscope targets for Rec2020
  • FixedImproved bi-linear filtering for YUV 4:2:2 10bit (v210) signal
  • FixedFixed wrong Nits display in Data Analyser when YCbCr signal selected

1.9.21 2021-12-30

  • AddedImproved 10bit histogram
  • AddedAdded some extra debug tools
  • FixedFixed Timecode related crash after 10-15 min of running the app
  • FixedFixed the alignment of legal range label in the waveform when using small font

1.9.20 2021-12-25

  • AddedCustom OCIO config disables all the colorspace conversion filters
  • AddedCustom OCIO config can be changed in Options / Preferences
  • AddedInitial audio support when monitoring video files
  • AddedSupport for Scratch 9.4
  • FixedFixed Peak levels in the Waveform for PQ signal
  • FixedFixed Snapshot loading

1.9.19 2021-12-14

  • AddedSnapshots can be grabbed / loaded from a sub-folders
  • AddedAdditional folder tree view in the Snapshot view
  • AddedConfigurable gamma in CiePlot (2.2, 2.4, 2.6, PQ ST2084)
  • AddedImproved Snapshot view rendering when snapshots have different aspect ratio
  • AddedImproved Snapshot thumbnail generation
  • FixedFixed NDI output preview RGB/BGR issues when working with image files
  • FixedFixed a crash when trying to load a corrupted snapshot
  • FixedFixed incorrect image ratio when dropping a snapshot onto the source viewer

1.9.18 2021-11-24

  • AddedAdded extra config option to control window state saving / loading
  • AddedAdded a configuration option for USB input device to choose RGB or YCbCr signal (macOS)
  • FixedDo not initialize Metal if Metal interop is disabled in the logs

1.9.17 2021-11-23

  • AddedBrought back macOS 10.11 support

1.9.16 2021-11-20

  • AddedColor Pins are now visible in RGB and YRGB Parade
  • AddedAdded option to show Color Picker always (without the ALT key)
  • AddedAdded [Clear All Pins] StreamDeck action
  • AddedAdded how much time it took to decode one frame in the debug stats view
  • FixedFixed a crash when trying to delete a 3D LUT from an empty list
  • ChangedOpenColorIO support comes as a separate download now (to limit the application size)

1.9.15 2021-11-18

  • FixedFixed a scope not being refreshed after dragging a snapshot onto it
  • FixedFixed a TimeCode scope font not applying the settings

1.9.14 2021-11-15

  • AddedImplemented a drag and drop functionality in the InputStrip
  • AddedImplemented a drag and drop functionality in the Snapshots
  • AddedAdded a dedicated Take Snapshot button in the toolbar
  • AddedSnapshot window state is now saved in the layout
  • AddedAdded a label to mark which scope has an assigned snapshot
  • AddedFixed PQ source option in CIE Plot (GPU specific bug)
  • FixedFixed layout loading with a keyboard shortcut
  • FixedFixed the issue where some layouts fail to load
  • ChangedChanged the design of the message boxes

1.9.13 2021-11-09

  • AddedAdded a new mV scale
  • AddedNew Update Notes popup after version update
  • FixedFixed crash when downgrading OmniScope and loading a scale type that doesn't exist
  • FixedImproved the stability.

1.9.12 2021-11-03

  • AddedStreamDeck is now available also in Photo version.
  • FixedFixed a crash when closing OmniScope when the window is hidden/minimized on macOS
  • FixedFixed a crash when closing OmniScope with Cmd-Q on macOS
  • FixedVarious other fixes and improvements

1.9.11 2021-10-21

  • AddedSome extra debug checks for OpenCL related crashes on NUC machines

1.9.10 2021-10-20

  • FixedFixed a crash caused by Hue/Sat Histogram when OpenCL is disabled,

1.9.9 2021-10-19

  • AddedOptimized CIE Plot performance,
  • Added3D Color Cube modified XYZ into xyY where Y is rendered vertically (luminosity towards top),
  • AddedVideo files have 2 additional playback options now: 'Free run' and 'Never drop frames', especially useful for the QC analysis
  • FixedFixed Connect To BlackMagic device not working on startup screen when USB driver is installed,
  • FixedFixed Help / DeckLink crash when no DeckLink drivers installed,

1.9.8 2021-10-13

  • FixedFixed an issue with OpenCL device detection,

1.9.7 2021-10-13

  • FixedFixed a crash when trying to save a snapshot in JPEG format on Windows,

1.9.6 2021-10-11

  • AddedOpenColorIO library updated to the latest version (incl. Gamut Compression from ACES 1.3),
  • AddedDisconnect All StreamDeck action,
  • FixedFixed the option to deactivate the temp license,
  • FixedFixed the issue with the auto-updater,

1.9.5 2021-09-28

  • AddedCIE Plot improvements,
  • AddedACES 1.3 support,
  • AddedAdded OCIO color space filters, cleaned up the naming,
  • AddedData Analyser now has the option to show Nits values,
  • AddedCIE Plot improvements for PQ signals,
  • AddedImproved CIE Plor Look & feel,
  • FixedFixed Nits display in Color Picker,
  • FixedAdded better error reporting for Windows ScreenCapture source,
  • FixedFixed YCbCr waveform for YCbCr sources,
  • FixedFixed PNG file support on macOS,

1.9.1 2021-09-17

  • AddedHDR enhancements,

1.9.0 2021-09-16

  • AddedOfficial support for
  • AddedVideo license,
  • AddedBig part of the internal GPU code has been ported to Metal,
  • AddedAdded device groups to Connect To dialog,
  • AddedAdded automatic plugin discovery for DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro / After Effects, SCRATCH,
  • FixedVarious smaller fixes and improvements,

1.8.8 2021-08-06

  • AddedAJA support for Apple Silicon (M1),
  • AddedVideo range signal support in OFX plugin (incl. super white and deep black levels),
  • FixedScreen Capture signal range fix (video -> full),

1.8.7 2021-08-01

  • AddedOption to Auto-adjust scope brightness (useful with image scaling),
  • AddedAJA shared device mode,
  • FixedDo not show our own NDI Output in Connect To dialog,

1.8.6 2021-07-26

  • AddedAdditional signal scaling performance options,
  • AddedNDI source statistics (total frames received, dropped frames),
  • AddedUniform scope gain regardless of the signal scaling,
  • AddedOption to apply the Input Settings to the NDI output (3D LUT, aspect ration, color-space transform),
  • FixedFixed Point Size in the Vectorscope setting not being saved properly,

1.8.5 2021-07-20

  • AddedNDI 5.0 support, available on Apple Silicon (M1),
  • AddedInput 3D LUTs are loaded asynchronously,
  • FixedFixed FFMPEG fps timing,
  • FixedFixed NDI time-code calculation,

1.8.4 2021-07-11

  • AddedWider video file codec support on macOS,
  • AddedReading video files in native format (YCbCr support, used to be RGB only),

1.8.3 2021-07-08

  • AddedInput 3D LUT icon in the Input Strip,
  • AddedPremiere Pro plugin now supports YCbCr signal with sub-black and super-white data,
  • FixedFixed a bug when deleting a layout that has been set as a startup-layout,
  • FixedFixed Alt-F shortcut,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink multiple Connect/Disconnect issues,
  • FixedFixed multiple-input shutdown crash bug,
  • FixedFixed saving multiple input assigned to scopes in the layouts,

1.8.2 2021-07-05

  • AddedSingle Line mode,
  • AddedInput 3D LUT,
  • AddedOption to disable scope warnings,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink related crash on application close,
  • FixedGamut Check will not work unless any other QC feature or Peak Levels in the Waveform are turned on,
  • FixedGamut Check overlay in the source viewer for the YCbCr signal fix,

1.8.1 2021-06-02

  • AddedGPU based USB video device and webcam support on macOS,
  • FixedFixed multiple input not working properly with multi-channels on one DeckLink device,
  • FixedImproved global targets,
  • FixedFixed color pin colors in the Vectorscope,
  • FixedFixed OFX input device settings window,
  • FixedImproved the memory management,

1.8.0 2021-05-14

  • AddedNew source type: Direct GPU transfers using Syphon platform,
  • AddedGPU based screen capture on macOS - super low latency and low CPU performance impact,
  • AddedAbility to refresh the license details and manually postpone the scheduled online check,
  • AddedConfigurable global targets - overlay color and graticule thickness,
  • FixedImproved 16bit 4:2:2 NDI signal handling,
  • FixedFixed global luma target not showing in the Waveform,

1.7.9 2021-05-07

  • FixedFixed ICC profile being inconsistent for video and full range,
  • FixedEnhanced HDR stats graph,

1.7.8 2021-05-06

  • FixedFixed snapshot grabber for multiple sources,
  • FixedFixed NDI source signal range for YUV signal,
  • FixedFixed Input Source settings wigging,
  • FixedFixed YCbCr signal vectorscope target positions in video mode,

1.7.7 2021-05-03

  • AddedMultiple input support,
  • AddedHDR Statistics - MaxFall & MaxCCL,
  • AddedNDI input device support (8bit only),
  • AddedNDI 16bit output support,
  • AddedNDI Full Scope View output mode,
  • AddedAJA I/O support,
  • AddedEnhanced CIE Plot zoom and pan support,
  • AddedDeckLink LTC timecode support,
  • AddedOverhauled the SDI signalling and simplified the video/full range settings
  • AddedAdded message boxes with notification when app restart is needed,
  • AddedUpdated DMG icon,
  • AddedOption to sort snapshots from newest to oldest,
  • AddedQuick VectorScope context menu to set 200% gain,
  • AddedAdded toolbar UI element,
  • AddedNew playback controls for video files integrated into source viewer,
  • AddedNew Input Strip view for managing multiple input sources,
  • FixedFixed AJA channel selection,
  • FixedUI refresh rate visible in preferences without holding shift key,
  • FixedFixed False Color font shrinking in the settings window,
  • FixedFixed histogram issue when snapshot is selected,
  • FixedSnapshots are saved to file in full range always,

1.6.1 2021-03-29

  • AddedAdded signal auto-detection for Blanking Detection,
  • AddedBlanking Detection and Gamut Check windows can be docked and their position is saved and loaded on app startup,
  • AddedAdded a warning when trying to use OpenCL features and no OpenCL is available,
  • AddedAdded predefined performance profiles,
  • AddedImproved PQ scale,
  • AddedOption to change the refresh rate of the UI (30Hz and 60Hz),
  • AddedLMH vectorscope enhanced render disabled by default,
  • AddedGPU performance improvements,
  • FixedFixed 100% CPU usage when the app is idle,
  • FixedFixed Layout change with a StreamDeck not setting the current layout properly,
  • FixedFixed Blanking Detection and Gamut check not working when Peak Levels in the Waveform are disabled,
  • FixedFixed QC menu bar not showing up when scope tabs are hidden,
  • FixedFixed AJA U-Tap low fps issue,

1.5.1 2021-03-18

  • AddedNative Apple Silicon support (M1 chip),
  • AddedOpenColorIO integration,
  • AddedProper HLG HDR scale implementation using 0-1k nits range and gamma 1.0,
  • AddedSignal settings are now saved in the layout,
  • AddedBrand new MinMax scope,
  • AddedReference matching with snapshot overlay on top of the original scope,
  • AddedRedesigned Snapshots window,
  • AddedRedesigned Preferences window (tabs),
  • AddedSnapshot horizontal & vertical wipe,
  • AddedGPU performance improvements,
  • AddedWider range of supported video codecs on Windows (ffmpeg libs),
  • AddedEnhanced, GPU based blanking detection (every edge configured independently),
  • AddedCIE Plot zoom,
  • AddedLMH Vectorscope enhanced render support,
  • AddedImplemented a status bar at the bottom with the current signal info, dropped frames, layout name, etc,
  • AddedEnhanced CIE Plot render,
  • AddedSnapshot transparent overlay for shot matching,
  • AddedBasic NDI output stream for the source signal only (no scopes),
  • AddedVisual monitor selection for Screen Capture source,
  • AddedHue Vectors (design by Alexis Van Hurkman) Vectorscope style,
  • AddedAdjustable snapshot thumbnail size,
  • AddedOption to set the default OpenCL GPU in the preferences (multi-GPU systems),
  • AddedAll the color pins appear in the waveform now,
  • AddedLow-Pass filter in the WaveForm,
  • AddedDe-gamma vectorscope option for colorized plot,
  • AddedOption to always display Full range image in the viewer,
  • AddedOpenCL improvements,
  • AddedPeak Levels in the Waveform CPU fallback when no OpenCL support,
  • AddedStreamDeck integration supports 32 channels now,
  • AddedVectorscope gain feature,
  • AddedRGB masking option when in Luma mode in the viewer (or any single channel mode),
  • AddedImproved Vectorscope targets,
  • AddedCPU based down-sample that improves the performance for low-end GPU systems,
  • AddedVectorscope: Clip the signal outside the outer ring option,
  • AddedUpdated OFX plugin icon,
  • AddedEvery version has its own config file to make downgrading easy,
  • FixedFixed mask getting stuck in the viewer when resetting the histogram selection,
  • FixedColor pins are updated when no source viewer is active,
  • FixedColor pins are always rendered in the waveform,
  • FixedFixed Performance Settings not being saved properly,
  • FixedFixed usb device colorspace issue (AJA U-Tap, Cam Link 4K, etc),
  • FixedFixed Signal Settings not being saved in layouts properly,
  • FixedFixed Performance Benchmark skipping 3 last tests,
  • FixedFixed Ctrl+Click not opening context menus (macOS),
  • FixedFixed crop not being updated immediately after pressing Apply Crop button,
  • FixedSaving a layout sets it as a current one automatically,
  • FixedFixed image statistics OpenCL issue popping up runtime error on some GPUs,
  • FixedFixed debug logs config option,
  • FixedFixed Text Display not being saved when only tags were used,

1.4.1 2020-10-21

  • AddedSnapshot thumbnails,
  • AddedSnapshot side by side view,
  • FixedFixed hue histogram getting stuck with selection,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink logger causing random crashes,

1.3.1 2020-10-20

  • AddedAdded View / Mask window to allow mask editing without having to make a selection in the Histogram,
  • AddedAdded the option to select any HUE range, not only 0° - 360° (for example 250° - 20°),
  • FixedFixed registration window getting stuck after using wrong email or license key,
  • FixedFixed some Snapshot related issues when working with static images,
  • FixedFixed video mode scaling in OFX plugin for 32bit,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink mode detection and mode change request,
  • FixedLots of minor bug fixes,

1.2.1 2020-10-15

  • Added12bit RGB, 10bit RGB and 8bit YUV support with DeckLink/UltraStudio,
  • Added32bit OpenFX support in DaVinci Resolve - no signal clipping,
  • AddedError Logger scope,
  • AddedGPU based Gamut Check,
  • AddedImplemented TIFF and TGA file format,
  • AddedStreamDeck mappings get saved in Layouts,
  • AddedAdded buttons to append a tag in Text Display scope,
  • AddedAdded Channel Plot type caption,
  • Added32 bit color picker (for 32bit OFX mode),
  • AddedImproved error reporting,
  • FixedVideo level taken into account for CIE Plot,
  • FixedVideo level taken into account for nits color picker,
  • FixedProper video mode handling in Channel Plot,
  • FixedFixed PNG snapshot save,
  • FixedFixed OpenCL GPU related issues
  • FixedFixed PNG and JPG snapshot save
  • FixedFixed layout save with no StreamDeck mappings defined crash
  • FixedFixed snapshot manager not showing PNG files
  • FixedFixed 32 bit mode on CUDA and OpenCL platforms

1.1.1 2020-10-02

  • Added5.1 and 7.1 Audio support through DeckLink/UltraStudio,
  • AddedBuilt-in performance benchmark,
  • AddedAdded Alt-O shortcut to toggle Stay On Top option,
  • AddedCustom targets in the WaveForm display the currently selected scale range,
  • AddedCustom targets take into account full/video range settings,
  • AddedWaveForm alerts display out of legal values in IRE, PQ and HLG scale modes,
  • AddedRed background in the Histogram for out of legal range pixels in video mode,
  • AddedSnapshot scope and snapshot sources for scopes,
  • AddedImplemented PQ Nits color picker format,
  • AddedOut-of-legal red overlay in source viewer,
  • FixedFixed Stay On Top option not always triggered,
  • FixedFixed ICC related issues with Full range signal,
  • FixedFixed mask drawing when in solo mode,
  • FixedFixed Split RGB mode in Histogram,
  • FixedFixed Color Pins location in the Vectorscope,

1.0.1 2020-09-19

  • AddedAdded Input 3D LUT support in the Waveform,
  • AddedAdded time and date tags in TextDisplay scope,

0.115.1 2020-09-18

  • FixedAdded Hardware ID text field in About box,
  • FixedAdded Text Size and Text Color settings in the TextDisplay scope,

0.114.1 2020-09-17

  • AddedAdded Waveform zoom in blacks toggle StreamDeck action,
  • AddedAdded Vectorscope zoom toggle StreamDeck action (100% -> 200% -> 100% -> ...),
  • FixedFixed incorrect zoom display,

0.113.1 2020-09-17

  • FixedFixed ICC profile for FULL signal level,
  • FixedFixed Vectorscope scaling issues,

0.112.1 2020-09-15

  • FixedFixed occasional crashes when loading layouts,

0.111.1 2020-09-15

  • FixedFixed issues in Vectorscope for some GPU drivers not showing a signal at all,

0.110.1 2020-09-14

  • AddedAdded EXR file support,
  • AddedDisplay SMPTE bars when there's no SDI signal after connecting to the device,
  • AddedOption to fully reset settings in Preferences (Factory Reset),
  • AddedOption to enable debug logs in Preferences,
  • AddedAdded some GPU diagnostic info for selected scopes,
  • FixedFixed 3D LUT / ICC scope - ability to load a file from main menu,

0.109.1 2020-09-14

  • AddedAdded Sat/Lum scope,
  • AddedAdded Text Display scope with special tag support for frame metadata,
  • FixedFixed Signal Generator solid color RGB selector,

0.108.1 2020-09-10

  • AddedAdded Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) scale type for Waveform, Histogram and False Color,
  • AddedAdded the option to enable/disable mouse wheel zoom in Timecode scope,
  • AddedImplemented Vectorscope grats for CCIR. 601, REC. 709, REC. 2020,
  • AddedImplemented video file scrubbing,
  • AddedFloating point display for Waveform alerts in HDR scale type when value is below 1,
  • FixedFixed the color pins overlapping,
  • FixedFixed OmniScope getting stuck when using auto-connect on Windows,
  • FixedFixed Signal Generator not starting,

0.107.1 2020-09-09

  • FixedFixed issue with the SDI plugin crashing Scratch at exit,

0.106.1 2020-09-09

  • FixedFixed issue with Vectorscope outline and max ring detection,

0.105.1 2020-09-09

  • AddedImplemented SMPTE and 75% color bars in Signal Generator source,
  • AddedAdded the option to show 75% and 100% targets in Vectorscope,

0.104.1 2020-09-08

  • AddedImplemented Goniometer (Audio Phase Meter),
  • AddedHSL qualifier in the viewer can be turned into mask and vice versa,
  • FixedFixed issue with StreamDeck channels greater than 9,

0.103.1 2020-09-06

  • AddedVectorscope Outline,
  • AddedHSL qualifiers in Source View,
  • FixedFixed alerts for HSL Vectorscope mode,
  • FixedFixed outline for HSL Vectorscope mode,

0.102.1 2020-09-04

  • FixedFixed Vectorscope alerts and max indicator,
  • FixedFixed online manual link in help menu on Windows,
  • FixedFixed subscription status link on Windows,

0.101.1 2020-09-04

  • AddedProper Vectorscope zoom,
  • FixedFixed RGB/Luma Histogram selection when Left to right option remains unchecked before switching to Horizontal mode
  • FixedFixed Histogram selection when scope is not docked,

0.100.1 2020-09-04

  • AddedAdded online manual link in the Help menu,
  • FixedDefault zoom 100% for Vectorscope,
  • FixedFixed Video vs Full signal range in Vectorscope,
  • FixedFixed Peak value for luminance channel in YRGB parade,

0.99.1 2020-09-03

  • AddedProper Hue and Sat scales for Histogram,
  • FixedGeneral stability fixes,

0.98.1 2020-09-02

  • AddedZoom in blacks in waveform,
  • FixedFixed license activation window getting stuck,
  • FixedFixed mask issue on startup,
  • FixedFixed occasional crash on exit when using Scratch SDI plugin,

0.97.1 2020-09-02

  • AddedAbility to specify the FPS in Scratch SDI plugin,

0.96.1 2020-09-01

  • AddedRestructured the Histogram settings UI,
  • AddedHide Scale option for False Color scope,
  • FixedFixed issue with Vectorscope generating loads of logs,
  • FixedFixed the Vectorscope down-sample difference for horizontal vs vertical mode,

0.95.1 2020-08-29

  • AddedShow total frames in TimeCode scope,
  • AddedXY Crosshair can be turned off in Vectorscope,
  • AddedOverlays in the Source scope: title safe, thirds, crosshair,
  • FixedFixed license deactivation issue,

0.94.1 2020-08-27

  • AddedVarious minor improvements,

0.93.1 2020-08-25

  • AddedColor Space override in CIE Plot scope,

0.92.1 2020-08-24

  • AddedCustom CIE Plot primaries,
  • AddedHigher quality application icon,

0.91.1 2020-08-19

  • AddedHue and Saturation histogram,
  • AddedHue, Sat and Luma masking directly in the Histogram,
  • AddedHigh DPI monitors support on Windows - custom UI scaling option in Preferences,
  • FixedMinor bug fixes and enhancements,

0.90.1 2020-08-17

  • AddedVarious UI enhancements,
  • AddedAudioMeter improvements,
  • AddedHistogram video mode rescaling issues fixed,
  • AddedHistogram value on mouse hover and alt key read-out,

0.89.1 2020-08-12

  • AddedRescaled AudioMeter,

0.88.1 2020-08-12

  • AddedPrecision zoom with Ctrl/Cmd modifier key (instead of shift),
  • AddedSave current layout changes,
  • FixedFixed masking in crop mode,

0.87.1 2020-08-11

  • AddedProper masking implementation - no more blacks in the scopes in hidden areas,

0.86.1 2020-08-11

  • AddedPrecise zoom with Mouse Wheel + Shift key,
  • AddedAdded a new context menu in the empty background area with Scope and Layout submenus,
  • AddedFill Histogram graph with Hue in Hue mode option,
  • FixedFixed Command+Click the sliders to enter edit mode on macOS,

0.85.1 2020-08-10

  • AddedHUE Histogram mode,
  • AddedAbility to change the scope tab title,
  • AddedTab title displayed in the solo mode,
  • AddedDuplicate scope option,
  • AddedRemoved little triangle Tab button,
  • AddedUnified all the scope settings into same categories,
  • FixedFixed some of the Vectorscope properties not saving,

0.84.1 2020-08-07

  • AddedReset Scope Settings menu item,
  • AddedCustom Luminosity ranges in single mode Vectorscope,
  • AddedUnified scope scale settings in preferences,
  • AddedUnified legal range settings in preferences,
  • AddedAll the scale types available in Histogram,
  • FixedFixed some Layout loading issue,
  • FixedFixed Histogram gradient settings not saving properly,

0.83.1 2020-08-05

  • AddedNormalized Histogram,
  • FixedFixed HSL vectorscope angle,
  • FixedPotential fix for fullscreen flashing,

0.82.1 2020-08-03

  • AddedFlip vertical histogram along Y axis,
  • AddedGPU based histogram,
  • AddedWaveform peak level per channel (parade),

0.81.1 2020-08-03

  • Added4 custom WaveForm targets,
  • FixedFixed Peak Levels units in Waveform in 8-bit mode,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink issues when OmniScope goes in the background,

0.80.1 2020-07-31

  • AddedConfigurable number of audio channels in Audio Meter,
  • AddedScope configuration internal improvements,
  • AddedUI cleanup,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink related crash,

0.79.1 2020-07-29

  • AddedImplemented basic Audio Meter for DeckLink and Scratch,
  • FixedFixed StreamDeck snapshot toggle action (not toggling until source gets changed),
  • FixedFixed Legal Range indicators,

0.78.1 2020-07-27

  • AddedWaveform Peak Level color setting,
  • AddedAdded Connect Action StreamDeck mapping,
  • FixedFixed IRE and PQ Peak Levels in video mode,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink source signal detection (video vs full),

0.77.1 2020-07-26

  • AddedFull and Video ranges monitoring preferences,
  • AddedFull and Video range signal conversion preferences,
  • AddedBetter white point rendering in CIE Plot,
  • AddedOption to disable exit confirmation dialog,
  • AddedForce shut-down on license activation,

0.76.1 2020-07-26

  • AddedNative ACES color science support,
  • AddedIncreased number of StreamDeck channels to 15,
  • FixedFixed Alt-B keyboard shortcut for snapshot toggle,

0.75.1 2020-07-25

  • AddedImplemented snapshots,

0.74.1 2020-07-24

  • FixedFixed StreamDeck channel numbering,
  • FixedFixed delayed and corrupted frames through OFX/Metal,
  • FixedFixed CIE Plot down-sampling settings not saved,
  • FixedFixed 'Add new scope' dialog flashing when switching layouts,
  • FixedFixed Vectorscope Down-sample settings not being saved properly,

0.73.1 2020-07-24

  • AddedFull StreamDeck support (9 customisable channels),
  • AddedReorganized and renamed down-sampling options in Preferences,
  • FixedFixed CIE Plot down-sampling settings not saved,

0.72.1 2020-07-21

  • FixedFixed DeckLink device connection,

0.71.1 2020-07-21

  • AddedAuto-connect on startup preference setting,
  • AddedStay on top saved in the config file,
  • AddedLayouts get overwritten when saved under same name,
  • AddedESC key closes most windows now,

0.70.1 2020-07-20

  • AddedEnhanced Render mode enabled by default,
  • AddedLayout management improvements,
  • FixedFixed edge pixels issue in Screen Capture on Windows,

0.69.1 2020-07-20

  • AddedBlack scope frames preference,
  • AddedColor Cube fills up the scope view (instead of square view),
  • AddedWaveform and Vectorscope Enhanced Render performance updates,

0.68.1 2020-07-18

  • AddedDelete layout option,
  • AddedInstall Plugin window on macOS,
  • AddedLayout management improvements,
  • FixedFixed Peak Level calculation for YRGB parade,
  • FixedFixed 3D Color Cube rotation when scope window is not docked,

0.67.1 2020-07-17

  • AddedConfigurable Blanking Alarm color,
  • AddedWaveform and Vectorscope performance improvements,
  • FixedFixed timecode display for Premiere Pro source,

0.66.1 2020-07-16

  • AddedSimplified renderer option for waveform and vectorscope

0.65.1 2020-07-16

  • AddedImproved Waveform and Vectorscope rendering (analogue simulation),
  • AddedFixed the Skin line alignment in the Vectorscope,
  • AddedVectorscope Zoom slider in the settings for more precise control,
  • AddedOption to show/hide fleshtone line in the vectorscope,
  • AddedTimecode text color setting,
  • AddedAuto-show menu in on mouse over,

0.64.1 2020-07-13

  • AddedVectorscope transform option to switch between YUV and HSL,

0.63.1 2020-07-13

  • AddedDetect DeckLink runtime version and do not allow outdated driver,
  • AddedDetect DeckLink device type and show only input cards,

0.62.1 2020-07-10

  • AddedSolo scope feature,
  • AddedWaveform Gain setting,
  • AddedNew logo and icon design,
  • AddedSome UI enhancements,

0.61.1 2020-07-09

  • FixedColor Cube ranges fixed,

0.60.1 2020-07-09

  • AddedColor Picker HSV mode units,
  • AddedSeparate Color Picker RGB and RGBY modes,
  • AddedColor Picker RGBY Luma in 0-100 range option,
  • AddedColor Picker reposition when close to edges,
  • AddedPP/AE transmitter plugin included in the windows installer,

0.59.1 2020-07-08

  • AddedParade Left Margin introducing extra spacing issue fixed,
  • AddedRe-enabled spacing option for YRGB Parade,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink input crash,
  • FixedFixed Color Picker reading the post-ICC color values in the viewer,
  • FixedFixed Luma Waveform colorize option,

0.58.1 2020-07-07

  • AddedTimecode scope,
  • AddedYRGB Parade,
  • AddedColor Picker redesign,
  • AddedHSV format support in Color Picker,
  • AddedTAB key toggles menu and all the tabs,
  • AddedIntroduced Left Margin in the Waveform,
  • AddedSaving Top & Bottom margin settings,
  • AddedDisabled split histogram mode in vertical orientation,

0.57.1 2020-07-02

  • FixedFixed the issue with the Color Cube rotation,

0.56.1 2020-07-02

  • AddedHistogram video range settings saved,
  • AddedNew 3D Cube scope with RGB, XYZ and LAB colorspaces,

0.55.1 2020-07-01

  • AddedRedesigned Histogram,
  • AddedHistogram zoom,
  • AddedHistogram video range mode,
  • AddedVectorscope YUV conversion fix,

0.54.1 2020-06-30

  • AddedRedesigned Histogram
  • AddedVideo file source,
  • AddedColor pin indicator in the waveform,
  • AddedAdded 8 bit scale in the waveform,

0.53.1 2020-06-29

  • AddedAdded Color Pin preview to Vectorscope,
  • FixedFixed the Color Pin issue when resizing the viewer,

0.52.1 2020-06-29

  • AddedDowngraded the DeckLink SDK (10.10),
  • AddedImplemented color pins
  • FixedFixed the ICC profile to keep the Rec709 mode,

0.51.1 2020-06-27

  • AddedGlobal brightness setting,
  • AddedMonochromatic Vectorscope,
  • AddedBlack background behind docked windows,
  • AddedUI refinement,

0.50.1 2020-06-26

  • FixedFixed crash when requesting activation code on windows,

0.49.1 2020-06-25

  • FixedWindows build crash fix when no DeckLink runtime is installed in the system,

0.48.1 2020-06-25

  • AddedReorganized settings,
  • AddedPause scope option,
  • AddedPerformance settings,

0.47.1 2020-06-24

  • AddedDeckLink support for Windows,

0.46.1 2020-06-24

  • FixedFullscreen issue extra fix,

0.45.1 2020-06-24

  • AddedColor Picker in the source monitor,
  • AddedConfigurable delay for OFX source,
  • AddedUpdating the histogram when changing the orientation,
  • AddedAdded the dedicated Exit button in the menu when in Fullscreen mode,
  • FixedFixed saving False Color presets,
  • FixedFixed the fullscreen option on Windows,

0.44.1 2020-06-22

  • AddedHDR st2084 nit level scale in False Color,
  • AddedWaveform peak indicators in the scale units,
  • AddedOption to hide graticule when in preview mode in Vectorscope,
  • FixedFixed disabled context menus when in 'TAB' mode (hidden top menu),

0.43.1 2020-06-22

  • AddedVectorscope zoom in with mouse wheel,
  • AddedSaving dim-down option in the settings,
  • AddedIntroducing context menus instead of top menus,
  • AddedEach scope has a dedicated settings window,
  • FixedFixed loading LUT/icc files on windows,

0.42.1 2020-06-20

  • AddedDisabled blanking alert when in mask mode,
  • FixedFixed Histogram and alerts features on ATI cards on Windows.

0.41.1 2020-06-19

  • AddedFinalized the CIE Plot scope,
  • AddedStretch video to full in False Color,
  • AddedImproved ICC support,
  • AddedST 2084 waveform scale,
  • AddedOutput blanking alert,

0.40.1 2020-06-18

  • AddedVectorscope max ring settings,
  • AddedVectorscope max ring color changed to yellow,
  • AddedMask behaviour can be changed with a shift key,
  • AddedOption to set the background black,
  • AddedSmaller ring in the Vectorscope center,
  • AddedOption to dim down the Vectorscope HUE Ring,
  • FixedFixed CIE Plot border color not updated,
  • FixedFixed Histogram not updating when grid is off,
  • FixedWaveform alarms fix for RGB and Parade mode,

0.39.1 2020-06-18

  • AddedWaveform alerts (min and max indicators),
  • AddedMax indicator for Vectorscope,
  • AddedUsing monitor ICC profile for Source monitor,
  • Addedst2084 nit level scale for Waveform,
  • AddedOFX parameters to specify source timeline (Rec. 709 Video/Full and Rec. 2020 Video/Full),
  • AddedMasks can be drawn on False Color scope,
  • AddedCIE Plot enhancements,
  • AddedHistogram performance improvements,
  • AddedInternal enhancements.
  • FixedFixed Vectorscope alert ring,
  • FixedFixed False Color preset tick stuck at R3D,

0.38.1 2020-06-15

  • AddedFaster mouse handling,
  • AddedIntroducing CIE Plot (not functional yet),
  • AddedSmaller enhancements.
  • FixedFixed OFX plugin not working on dual gpu setups,

0.37.1 2020-06-15

  • AddedAdded Waveform top & bottom margins,
  • AddedEnhance edges in the Waveform settings,
  • AddedEnhance center option in Vectorscope,
  • FixedFixed masking when overlapped by any other window,

0.36.1 2020-06-12

  • FixedFixed Rectangular mask,
  • FixedFixed DeckLink device discovery,
  • FixedFixed drawing masks on undocked source viewer,
  • FixedProperly disabling alert rings when in split mode.

0.35.1 2020-06-12

  • AddedVectorscope split for Lows/Mids/Highs,
  • AddedPerformance improvements when using crop tool,
  • AddedSmooth mask edges in ellipse mode.

0.34.1 2020-06-11

  • AddedQuick masking tool working with crop function,
  • AddedAdded Rectangular quick mask,
  • AddedOption to keep quick mask after mouse button is released.

0.33.1 2020-06-11

  • AddedQuick masking tool - drag and drop elliptical quick mask on the original source scope.

0.32.1 2020-06-10

  • AddedFrame synchronization on multi-GPU systems (OFX),
  • AddedDeckLink debug window.

0.31.1 2020-06-09

  • Added10 bit False Color scale,
  • AddedUser False Color presets,
  • AddedAdded keyboard shortcuts to apply (Alt-C) and reset (Alt-R) crop,
  • AddedAlert ring in the Vectorscope,
  • AddedRings and vectors options in Vectorscope.
  • FixedFixed the crop feature,

0.30.1 2020-06-08

  • AddedFull preset editor built into False Color scope,
  • AddedLegal lines in Waveform,
  • AddedVectorscope rings.

0.29.1 2020-06-08

  • AddedYUV 10bit 422 source type support (Scratch).
  • AddedFull DeckLink support on the Mac.
  • AddedPerformance improvements - refresh scopes only on new frame, not on the display refresh.
  • FixedLayout save crash fixed.

0.28.1 2020-06-05

  • FixedFixed SDI plugin crash at exit on SCRATCH.

0.27.1 2020-06-02

  • AddedBasic shortcuts.

0.26.1 2020-06-02

  • FixedFixed the DX9 crop feature.

0.25.1 2020-06-01

  • FixedAll the scope and source settings stored in the layout file.

0.24.1 2020-06-01

  • AddedInstall Plugins menu and bundled plugins for Resolve and Scratch.
  • FixedFixed Image Source loading on Windows crash,
  • FixedDimmed scopes fix,

0.23.1 2020-05-31

  • AddedLayouts.

0.22.1 2020-05-29

  • Added10 bit support.

0.21.1 2020-05-23

  • AddedSkintone scope.

0.20.1 2020-05-20

  • AddedPBO improvements.

0.19.1 2020-05-20

  • FixedHistogram fixes.

0.18.1 2020-05-11

  • AddedNew Histogram.
  • AddedNew Waveforms.

0.17.1 2020-05-11

  • AddedConfigurable ScreenGrab crop.
  • FixedVarious fixes.

0.16.1 2020-05-01

  • AddedNobe OmniScope.

0.15.1 2020-04-02

  • AddedGrabber frame.

0.14.1 2020-04-01

  • AddedCPU PBO emulation.

0.1.1 2019-11-21

  • AddedInitial release.