getting started with

Remote False Color

Improve your grading process. Bring your monitoring to the next level.

getting started with

Remote False Color

Remote False Color is an application that allows you to monitor the False Color overlay externally out of your grading software.

Remote False Color supports

Dual Screen

Remote False Color runs independently so this means that you can move the window anywhere you want. You can use your second or third monitor and have the exposure monitor always in sight. It connects to the False Color plugin applied within Resolve and when the external monitoring is enabled then the False Color overlay within the grading software disappears not to obscure the grading workspace.

Remote False Color supports also

Video Input Devices

It is possible to monitor direct input video signal. If the video device installed in the computer is supported by the OS driver then it will be displayed in the combo box.

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When Remote False Color connects to the OFX host (DaVinci Resolve) the preset is controlled from within the plugin settings. If the video input device is used the menu option gets activated and allows the user to select the overlay preset.

FREE trial available for


Check out the pricing or download the FREE trial version now! Remote False Color is sold as a bundle together with OpenFX plugin or in the full bundle including all the False Color plugins for all the platforms.

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Standalone Remote App

Already own OFX plugin? Get standalone Remote to display False Color outside of Resolve:

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There a couple of limitations when using Remote False Color app. Because we are getting the signal from the OFX plugin the below conditions must be met:

  • Caching disabled
  • Proxy Mode off

Also, one of the limitations is that you won't get 100% playback synchronization. It's close and certainly enough for working with the footage, but it's not ideal for continuous playback.