Is this for Windows or macOS?

The plugin works on both.

What are the available versions of the plugin?

The plugin is available in 2 versions: Lite and Pro.

What’s the difference between the Lite and Pro version?

The trial version of the plugin works in Pro mode except for 3D LUT Export function.

The list of the Lite features:

The Pro version features that are not included in the Lite version:

What’s the Editors version of the plugin?

It's the version available for Premiere Pro and After Effects. The plugin cannot be as integrated as in DaVinci Resolve and we decided to release just one version giving you as many pro features as possible. This means window mode only but with all the pro features.

What’s the price?

The price for the single operating system (either macOS or Windows) is as follows:

If you need the license for both Windows and macOS:

Academic Pricing

Provide proof of eligibility documentation and get 50% off!

Types of proof of eligibility include:

Can I upgrade from the Lite version to the Pro version later?

Yes, you can always upgrade to the Pro version. The upgrade price is:

What software does this work in?

The plugin is designed to work in:

Once the plugin is released we will start working on making it compatible with other OpenFX hosts and other software down the line (Premiere Pro, Edius, FCPX).

How many computers can I install NCR on?

You can install NCR on up to 3 computers. The license activation is assigned to the machine ID and once it’s deactivated it can be activated somewhere else.

What are the payment options?

You can pay using PayPal or by Credit Card. Supported cards:

What’s the return policy?

Returns are not accepted in general. Trial version can be tested prior to purchasing the license. We can only accept a return request in some special cases where the software doesn’t work as expected.

How to uninstall the plugin?

On Windows just use Programs & Feature in the Control Panel.

On macOS you can remove the plugin using Nobe Color Remap utility found in /Applications/ folder.