Motion Templates

First of all please close Final Cut Pro X application because it might keep the template files open.

Verify if the below directories don’t contain the template directory Nobe Color Remap:

/Users/USERNAME/Movies/Motion Templates/Effects

Ideally the directory should not exists, and if it exists it shouldn’t contain the mentioned folder.

The next step is to verify if the template is installed in the proper location.
Please check if you can see the directory & file structure as listed below:

/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro/Templates.localized/Effects.localized/Color Manipulation/Nobe Color Remap/Nobe Color Remap.moef

Fixing the templates

  1. Close FCPX
  2. Remove the folder: /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro/Templates.localized/Effects.localized/Color Manipulation/
  3. Download and install a plugin from: Nobe Color Remap for FCPX
  4. Please check the steps in the first section of this page and see if all the files and directories are where they should be
  5. Start FCPX

If you cannot see the plugin in FCPX or there are no options in the inspector, try restarting the computer and running FCPX again.