Nobe Color Remap Spectacular color remapping tool

Insanely easy hue, saturation and luminosity remapping right in DaVinci Resolve.

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Release is coming!

Beta-testing is slowly coming to an end and the final release is getting close! We are putting the final changes to the plugin, finalizing the designs and logos and preparing for the launch!

Quick reminder: once the final release is announced the pre-release deal is over. You can still get the 20% off when you order now! If you are thinking about the purchase – now is the best moment – such a big discount won’t be available any time soon!

🔥🔥🔥 And we are live!

You can now pre-order your copy of Nobe Color Remap and receive the license immediately using password: 🔑 ncrbeta

Please keep in mind that this is not the official release yet – what you get is the full license, that removes watermark from the current pre-release version (currently 0.43). We will probably release a few more versions before the final version 1.0 is out (should be ready within few weeks).

This is not a public pre-release – it’s only available for the beta-testing group, so please do not share the link and the password to the purchase page outside of this group. We decided to give you early access and instant 20% discount for the pre-release order as a thank you for testing it and giving your valuable feedback 👌.

Version 0.49 features 6 color-spaces

HSV, HSV LOG, HSV LOG2, HSP, HSP LOG and HSP LOG2. Available now! (Pro version only).

LOG2 spaces stretch the unsaturated areas even more than the LOG spaces. Now you can work with really flat and unsaturated images, or really fine-tune small details close to the center of the grid (close to the neutral colors). One use-case might be to control the color cast in the shadows and highlights.

LOG & LOG2 color-spaces

Here’s some more technical info on the LOG & LOG2 color-spaces. Below you can see the graphs how the saturation is transformed. The “x” axis is the source saturation taken from the image, the “y” axis is the saturation presented in the grid as a color distribution (and used for the grid point mapping).

Improved grid tools

Improved grid tools are coming in the next build. Smooth, saturate, adjust contrast and rotate tool will behave much more naturally now without pinning all the grid points and breaking the flexibility of adjusting the grid with fewer pinned points. Have a look at the video below: