Final Cut Pro X Notarization issues on Catalina

Apple has recently changed a way the apps should be deployed enforcing additional step called notarization. It’s a set of rules that the app needs to meet to increase the security.

Unfortunately, for some reason, this affected our FCPX plugin. After the successful notarization step the filter is no longer detected by Motion/FCPX. We are working with Apple engineers to find the solution but in the meantime in order to get the plugin to work we only have a version that doesn’t pass the notarization step.

This means that when you download and run our plugins, you will get a notification that the software cannot be verified.

We hope to resolve the issue ASAP. For now, here are the links to the working (non-notarized) versions:

Nobe Color RemapFalse Color

Once you download the file above please unzip it and move the corresponding app to /Application folder. You might need to right click the app and select “Open” to override the security warning.

Sorry for the inconvenience.