essential monitoring tool

False Color Plugin 3

One of the most useful tools for exposure monitoring and shot matching.
Bring your camera tool to the post-processing environment!

Available for various platforms including OpenFX hosts: DaVinci Resolve,
Scratch, Nuke, Sony Vegas Pro as well as Adobe CC: Premiere Pro and After Effects.

new features

GPU acceleration, Scale overlay and LUT export

Use the benefit of GPU acceleration and work in real-time on DaVinci Resolve and Assimilate Scratch. Export your fine-tuned False Color overlay as 3D LUT and use in your camera monitor on set!

New features included in version 3.0:

  • Work in real-time
  • Customize your False Color ranges and export as 3D LUT
  • 13 high quality and accurate presets
  • Position the scale reference anywhere in your workspace area
  • And more!
instant exposure monitoring

Remote FalseColor

Have an immediate exposure reference always in sight! No need to switch the plugin on and off. Use Remote FalseColor and place the preview on the second monitor.

  • no extra hardware required
  • real-time playback
  • support for all the presets
  • video input device support
False Color Plugin
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David Kramer
David Kramer
Such a great tool! I am using the plugin with Resolve Live as well as Resolve in normal mode. I am able to watch live cable TV routed to my capture card via HDMI. The False Colors are applied to a node in live mode. Then I am using the freeze and capture tools in Resolve Live to grab stills into my timeline for analyzing and comparing exposure zones with other clips later. Watching movies with False Colors has been a great teaching tool! I can now copy looks from movies and apply them to my BlackMagic camera footage much easier than more
Tyler Bailey
Tyler Bailey
Incredible tool. If you want to grow as a colorist or have a better understanding of how proper exposure looks on your image or others, get this plugin. It's well worth the money, plays back on GPU so you can view in realtime and now transmits the false color overlay to a secondary monitor. I've now run a separate display with this plugin for every project since and it has excelled in performance and functionality. Since version 3 release, there has already been a couple updates so there is a lot of care and attention going into this plugin. I've had personal contact with them and they are very receptive to feedback and improvements. Expecting more great things to come, I'm sure!read more
Timothy Cook
Timothy Cook
This plug-in is perfect for getting real time exposure information for every part of the image. I also had a scaling issue with the remote viewer, something to do with the new iMacs and the retina algorithm used. I emailed Tomas and he promptly replied back, saying he would look into it. I figured a week or so for a fix to come down the line, with in 45 mins he emailed back telling me to upload the new firmware he just uploaded to the site (ver.3.4), and Baaam it was fixed! Great program and the developer is obviously concerned with it's performance. Thanks again!read more
Scott Leslie
Scott Leslie
This plug is very helpful. I discovered it by watching the LensProToGo YouTube blog on false color.In preparation for DP'ing a feature, I used the plugin in DaVinci Resolve. I was concerned about the best ratios for exposing a night scene, so I imported a bunch of still from films that were similar to what I was trying to accomplish and through the false color information from the plugin, I was able to see the lighting ratios used. My Zucuto Gratical HD EVF can display false color so I was able to apply the information learned to my shoot.Note that you do need to apply a Rec709 LUT to your EVF/monitor to see judge the false color information.A great tool to have in your DP preproduction toolkit!read more
Freddy Rodriguez
Freddy Rodriguez
I shoot using a SmallHD monitor with false color mode along with my BMPCC. To be able to drop my footage onto my timeline and set your False Color Plugin to the same colors as my SmallHD is GENIUS! I use it on every project to help me be consistent in my style. I have it on Davinci Resolve as well as Sony Vegas Pro 13. You guys rock!read more
Nikodem Wojciechowski
Nikodem Wojciechowski
Jim Robinson
Jim Robinson
I have found this plug-in to be useful in so many ways - even analyzing how other filmmakers expose a scene. Especially in DaVinci Resolve where adding the plug-in to a node at the end of the node tree allows you to turn it on or off at anytime and see the results in real time as you change exposures. Excellent value and more
Evan Frystak
Evan Frystak
This plug-in is fantastic! It's something that I use on every correction/grade I do. It really helps to have a visual of your exposure directly on the image. You can really pin-point certain areas of exposure which can help you decided which direction you want to take your grade in.Buy this plug-in. youll be glad you did!read more
Chris York
Chris York
Incredible and invaluable tool to help with levels and grading in Resolve. Fills a huge void for me in that software and while surprised it wasn't already a feature, I'm thankful it was created! Price is a no more
Yves Van den Meerssche
Yves Van den Meerssche
A must have. As good as it gets.
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  • OFX + Remote + Adobe Premiere Pro & AE
  • Best value!!



  • GPU acceleration*
  • Scale Overlay
  • 13 built-in presets
  • Full customization
  • 3D LUT export

OFX + Remote


  • Full OFX plugin
  • Direct connection to Resolve
  • Video input monitoring

Adobe PP & AE


  •  13 built-in presets
  • Full customization
  • 3D LUT export

Final Cut Pro X plugin

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Final Cut Pro X



  • 13 built-in presets,
  • GPU acceleration,
  • Visual Preset Editor,
  • 3D LUT export,
  • Scale Overlay,
  • Luminosity & saturation modes,
  • Smooth, Sharp and Gradient transitions.

Adobe Photoshop plugin

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  • 13 built-in presets
  • Scale Overlay
  • Luminosity & saturation modes
  • Smooth, Sharp and Gradient transitions
  • Works as a smart filter
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