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Source Signal

Source signal shows the source image preview. The image can be masked using Ellipse or Rectangle shape – just click and drag with the mouse to draw it on top of the image:

All the scopes will show just the selected part of the image.

You can also hold the Shift key to keep the mask in place after the mouse button is released.

Another built-in feature of the Source Signal is Color Picker. To activate it press and hold Alt key. To drop the permanent color pin hold Alt and press the mouse button:

Options available in the Settings:

  1. Channles – display only specific color channels:
    1. RGB – RGB image,
    2. Red – display only red channel,
    3. Green – display only green channel,
    4. Blue – display only blue channel,
    5. Luma – display luminosity,
  2. Blanking Alarm – one of the QC features that will draw red markers when blanking bars are detected on top & bottom,
  3. Use Color Picker – enable/disable the color picker,
  4. Format – color picker format:
    1. RGB,
    2. RGBY,
    3. HEX – Alt + Shift click will copy the HEX color code to the clipboard,
    4. CMYK,
    5. HSV,
  5. Luma 0-100 range – Luma will be displayed in 0-100% range instead of 0-255,
  6. Override global brightness – set the preview brightness separately from the global brightness settings in the Preferences window,
  7. Use Monitor ICC profile – enable / disable monitor ICC profile for the display.