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License activation


By purchasing the product you purchase the License which can be activated 3 times. Each activation is associated with the hardware, so 3 activations mean that you can activate the product on 3 different machines. If you activate the license on the same machine for the second time it’s still considered as one activation. So when you format your disk and install the product again you won’t increase your current activations. If you happen to run out of activations (new PC, hardware change, etc) – any old activation can be removed.

When you need to reset your activations please contact us.

Lost license key

If you lost your license key you can easily recover it by simply providing your email address here:


How to activate

The products can be activated using FalseColor Config application.
The application can be found:

  1. On the desktop if you are using Windows machine (or directly in C:\Program Files (x86)\FalseColor\).
  2. In the /Applications folder on Mac.

When you open the application you will see 2 text fields that need to be filled

  • email address
  • license key

All the required information is available in the order email that you receive when the purchase is finalised.

More info: timeinpixels.com/how-to-activate

Offline activation

If for some reason you can’t activate the license it might mean some connectivity issues or server problems.
Another possibility is that you don’t want to connect your computer to the internet at all. There is a way to activate the license without active connection to the internet.

To do the offline activation please do the following:

  1. Open FalseColor Config,
  2. Fill out the email and license key,
  3. Instead of clicking Activate button please select “Offline activation request…” from the file menu,
  4. Save the file and send it to us,
  5. We will reply back with the “Offline activation response” that can be applied by the 2nd menu option in FalseColor Config.

Available Licenses

  1. False Color Adobe 3 – version for Adobe CC systems: Premiere Pro & After Effects,
  2. False Color OFX 3 – OpenFX version dedicated for DaVinci Resolve but supported also in Sony Vegas ProSCRATCHNuKe and others,
  3. False Color Remote 3 – application allowing you to connect to the OFX version of the plugin and working with False Color remotely. Important: this is Remote app only! To make it work with Resolve you also need OFX license. The bundle containing both products is described in the next bullet.
  4. False Color OFX + Remote 3 – bundle consisting of OpenFX plugin and Remote False Color app – described in (2) and (3).
  5. False Color Bundle – everything described above. Best price.