Quick Nobe Color Remap Overlay Tip in Resolve

October 8, 2019

One of the most important components of Nobe Color Remap is its grid interface. It’s the main input for adjusting the plugin settings and it’s important to access is as easily and as fast as possible. The most convenient way is to use a keyboard shortcut. We can define a custom keyboard shortcut within Resolve to invoke the OpenFX overlay (which will render the grid in the Viewer – overlay mode).


In order to configure a keyboard shortcut please navigate to: Keyboard Customization option in the main menu. Then in the editor please find the following items:

Shortcuts in Resolve

I have used Shift+X for showing the OpenFX overlay. There’s already an option to toggle the existing Viewer overlay on and off. So now to quickly show and hide the Grid while the node with the plugin is selected just press Shift + X and then Shift + `.