OmniScope Software Update Enhances Performance on Windows

December 29, 2023

Important Update for Video Industry Professionals

We are pleased to announce a significant update for OmniScope, a key tool in the filmmaking industry. The latest version, 1.10.103, introduces an upgraded GPU backend on Windows. This update is designed to significantly improve performance, particularly on systems with slower or less powerful GPUs.

What's New?

Enhanced GPU Backend: The core of this update is the transition to a new, more efficient GPU processing technology. This change leads to optimized performance, enabling smoother and faster operation, especially in resource-intensive tasks.

Notable Performance Improvements: In our testing, systems like the Intel NUC with Radeon RX Vega M GPU have demonstrated substantial performance enhancements. This is evident in demanding scenarios such as FullHD signal monitoring with all Quality Control (QC) tools active, now executed flawlessly without dropped frames.

Checking and Switching Backends

Simple Verification and Switching: To see if your system is using the new backend, look for a specific indicator in the status bar at the bottom-right side of the OmniScope window.

If you prefer the previous backend, you can easily switch back by going to Options > Preferences > Performance, pressing the shift key, and adjusting the “Use GLSL compute if available” setting. After restarting, OmniScope will use the previous backend.

Enhanced Functionalities

This update brings improvements in various areas, including:

Designed for Video Professionals

This update is crafted for the needs of video professionals – colorists, editors, and DITs. It ensures that even with less powerful hardware, your workflow remains smooth, supporting your creative process effectively.

Your Feedback Matters

We invite you to update to the latest version and experience the improvements. Your feedback is crucial in helping us understand how these changes impact your work and guide future developments.

We remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation to meet the dynamic needs of the filmmaking industry.