Now Available: Nobe OmniScope - Oct 2023 Release

October 10, 2023

The new release is a major update of Nobe OmniScope packed with highly requested new features and improvements. Featuring:

The new update is FREE for all customers that have purchased Nobe OmniScope within the last 12 months OR have an active Update & Support Plan

What’s New

Below are more details on the major new features.

For a complete list of everything updated in the next version view the changelog document.

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Enhanced Colour Management

The latest OmniScope release introduces a revamped Color Management pipeline, built on the cutting-edge OpenColorIO framework. This is no mere add-on for color space conversions; it's now deeply integrated into all scopes, QC processes, and the entire color workflow. Highly requested features like SDR/HDR presets for diverse workflows are now supported, including Rec.2100 PQ, ST2048 PQ-P3D65, and HLG. Additionally, the system offers auto-detection capabilities based on incoming signals.

Advanced QC Tools and Timeline View

OmniScope's new version delivers a significant upgrade in Quality Control (QC). New tools for audio silence detection, single-line mode, and HDR gamut checks are now available. We've also rolled out a brand-new Timeline View, which visually represents all events in sync with the current timecode and is compatible with any input signal, including live feeds from I/O cards. Quickly access HDR statistics like MaxFALL & MaxCLL, blanking errors, HDR Gamut status, audio waveforms, loudness levels, and thumbnails for specific timecodes.

Streamlined Multi-input Support

Managing multiple inputs is now a breeze. Each input source is assigned a predefined "input slot," which can be saved within a layout. These slots are designed to auto-connect upon startup, linking immediately to the saved source once available. You can effortlessly assign any input slot to a specific scope in the layout via drag-and-drop. The input slot order is customizable, and quick settings access is available from the input strip view.

Virtual Production Workflow Upgrades

OmniScope now supports Spout (Windows) and Syphon (macOS), protocols that facilitate GPU data sharing. This feature enables real-time video signal monitoring directly on the GPU, achieving near-zero latency. It's an ideal fit for Virtual Production workflows and is fully compatible with Unreal Engine and Unity.

Performance Boosts

The GPU processing engine has been rewritten pretty much from scratch, now fully implemented in Metal on macOS and optimised for the new Apple Silicon chips improves the performance dramatically. This means you can monitor UHD signals on recent Mac Mini computers with no quality loss!

Upgrading Information

Renewal Information (Legacy Customers)

All new purchases of Nobe OmniScope include 1 year of free upgrades and support (Video & Pro Versions only).

The Upgrade & Support Plan is an optional, annual plan that provides owners of OmniScope application updates and priority support.

If you purchased OmniScope more than 12 months ago, we encourage you to join the plan and renew your license. Please note: This is not a standard subscription, which requires you to pay every year at a certain time to keep the license active. .

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