Nobe Color Remap for Photoshop

May 26, 2020

Initial Release

Nobe Color Remap has been primarily developed to work with DaVinci Resolve. The core idea behind the plugin was to make it fast enough to be able to preview the effect in real-time. If the plugin can keep up with the video, why not use it with stills?

We have released a Photoshop version of the plugin not that long after the original release but the plugin was missing some crucial features.

Today, after many iterations, we have a really solid product. In this article you will find the most important additions to the Photoshop plugin that have been made in the last updates.


ICC Profile Support

One of the things that we had to improve was proper ICC Profile support.

The current version reads the embedded ICC profile from the input file and the processing is done in the source color space. The preview window is using the monitor ICC profile and the image is converted from the working space to the monitor space.

ICC support

Working in full resolution

Because the plugin was originally designed to work with video, we never expected it to handle anything bigger than 4K frame. In photography world this constraint is very limiting.

The initial workaround was to downscale the image upon import and work on a smaller resolution image in the plugin. The downside was the loss of quality in the preview window.

Recent update allows the plugin to load full resolution to the GPU and use all the available quality for the processing and proper display.


Zoom in 1:1

Full image resolution support enabled us to allow the user to zoom in the image to 1:1 in the preview window. You can use Shift + mouse wheel to zoom in to any area of the picture to see all the details without exiting the plugin window.

For performance reasons you still can use the downscale options in the settings just in case you are working with really big files or your GPU doesn’t handle big images properly.


Focus Mode

When using the zoom functionality the plugin switches to Focus Mode. This means the vectorscope under the grid shows only the displayed pixels.

For example, when zooming in to work on the skintones, the vectorscope will show you only the skintone pixels that you see in the preview window so that you can focus on that color area only.


Enhanced GPU processing

Once the corrections are made in the preview window, the processing of the underlying image is done entirely on the GPU.

This means that processing is fast and the plugin can handle really big images in a very short time.

Non-destructive Workflow

The plugin can be applied as a smart filter – this means that any changes can be edited any time and the image is not changed permanently. Just double click the smart filter in your layer stack and the plugin window with all the adjustments will be loaded again.



All the plugin versions feature a Preset Gallery where you can find a list of predefined presets that can give you a starting point for your color processing.

The gallery contains a couple of Film Emulations, Orange & Teal look and some other nice looks that you can explore right now!


Shared Settings

Currently, Nobe Color Remap is available for multiple platforms. If you want to transfer your look from DaVinci Resolve to Photoshop, just export a preset file and load it in any other platform. It will give you exactly same result.

This means you can work on your look in any supported platform and re-use it anywhere else down the line.

On top of that, you can export 3D Lut with your corrections and use it in any software supporting it.


Keyboard Shortcuts

To speed up the workflow you can use some of the predefined keyboard shortcuts. The complete list can be displayed in the Options menu:


Try it for free

You can see all the above features in action using the trial version. The only limitation is the watermark that the plugin embeds in the image.

Grab the demo here: