New Scope: Twin Peaks

May 22, 2024

We’re pleased to announce Twin Peaks – our own version of the Diamond style scopes found in various hardware devices.

The Twin Peaks interface visualizes the relative levels of red, green, and blue channels – offering a clear understanding of color distribution and balance. In addition to channel visualization, Twin Peaks highlights legal color gamut boundaries in both RGB and YCbCr color spaces.

By overlaying diamond-shaped plots, they reveal areas where color signals exceed broadcast standards, enabling colorists to identify and correct gamut errors quickly and adhere to legal broadcast requirements. This comprehensive color monitoring ensures that the final content is visually appealing, accurately graded, and adheres to legal broadcast requirements.


Twin Peaks is now available for customers that purchased an OmniScope “Pro” license within the last year, or customers on an active Upgrade & Support plan for OmniScope Pro.

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In this video tutorial, colorist Chad Smith shares how he has used a Diamond hardware scope and why he is excited about Twin Peaks. Watch Now

User Quotes from Twin Peaks Beta

Love this so much!

This makes me very excited!  In my humble opinion, the debate is over, this is the best scope on the market!

The hardware Diamond scope has always been more of a live tool for me, however I’m now excited to use Twin Peaks for shot matching and camera balancing!