How to create your own False Color Preset

January 30, 2019

Preset management is slowly coming to False Color plugin but you can already use some of the existing functionality.

One of the most asked questions I get is how to add your own preset to the drop down menu in the preset list in the inspector. And the answer is – you can do that already with the latest version of the plugin! Here’s how.

Exporting a preset

First, open False Color Preset Editor and create a preset you want to save in the drop down menu.

Design a preset with Preset Editor Next step is to export a preset using “Export Preset…” button in the inspector:

Export the preset file to the plugin’s data folder The important step here is the save location. The preset has to be saved in a very specific folder for the plugin to find it. Here’s the preset folder location:

~/Library/Application Support/FalseColor/presets

Once the above folder is created and preset is saved inside, the plugin will be able to load all the presets from that folder and add them to the drop down list:

Now we can make that preset the default one so that each time you apply a False Color plugin on a fres node this particular preset will be applied:

And here’s our fresh preset after loading the plugin onto a new node:

The Future

The whole process will be simplified and automated in the future versions of the plugin but I hope the above description will improve your workflow just a little and make the work with the plugin faster.