OmniScope Featured Artist: Joey D’Anna

March 6, 2024

OmniScope Featured Artist:

Joey D’Anna

Colorist / Blackmagic Certified Trainer

Joey D’Anna, is a talented colorist and HDR finishing specialist working in the Washington D.C. area at DC Color. Engaging in a conversation with Joey unveils his profound passion for the intricate art and meticulous craft of color grading. Beyond his expertise, Joey emerges as a fervent educator, frequently sharing insightful tips or discussing technology on sites like Mixing Light and The Offset Podcast.

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As one of the first OmniScope beta testers, the Time in Pixels team were thrilled to have an in-depth chat with Joey in this two part series of interviews:

In part one, Joey demonstrates how and why he uses OmniScope - including some very useful tips on using the QC and Timeline tools for blanking detection.

OmniScope just keeps getting better! It's fun to see the software evolve so quickly and then integrate new features into  my workflow. For example, the Timeline feature came out of nowhere for me… and now it's an essential tool. Tom is just exceptional at listening to the users and improving the product.

Part two is an in-depth interview discussing a career in color, working with clients, and keeping up on the latest technologies. It's an engaging watch for colorists or anyone interested in post-production.

One of the things that has helped me is to try and embrace new technologies. Even if a project does not require an advanced format like HDR or Dolby Vision, I’ll sometimes regrade select projects on my own time in these formats – just for the experience.  When it comes to evolving, you’ve got to experiment and try new things… you’ve got to fail and then start over to keep improving.

To learn more about Joey D’Anna, visit DCColor.

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