Enhancing Workflow with OmniScope's New Action Editor

January 18, 2024

New Action Editor

The latest OmniScope update introduces a groundbreaking Action Editor, transforming the way actions are configured for keyboard shortcuts and StreamDeck panels. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for professionals in demanding fields like filmmaking, where quick and efficient actions are crucial.


Streamlined Action Categories

The Action Editor organizes actions into intuitive categories:

User-Friendly Features



Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts and StreamDeck Actions




Advanced Integration: Application Protocol for Action Invocation

In addition to the intuitive UI enhancements, OmniScope now offers an advanced feature for tech-savvy users and integrators: the ability to invoke actions using the application protocol. This feature opens up new possibilities for workflow automation and integration with other tools.

By using the custom URI scheme omniscope://, actions can be triggered programmatically. For example, the format omniscope://action?id=ActionID&param=ActionParam allows you to specify the action ID and parameters directly in the URL. This method is particularly useful for integrating OmniScope actions into scripts, macros, or third-party applications, providing a seamless bridge between OmniScope and your broader toolset.

The ActionID can be found when mouse hovering the action in the editor:


This level of control and customization underscores OmniScope's commitment to providing versatile, powerful tools that cater to the diverse needs of professionals in the filmmaking industry and beyond. Whether through the user-friendly Action Editor or the advanced application protocol feature, OmniScope continues to pave the way for efficient, streamlined workflows.


The new Action Editor in OmniScope is more than just a feature update; it's a significant enhancement to the workflow efficiency of our users. Whether you're configuring for keyboard or StreamDeck, these improvements offer an intuitive and customizable experience, tailored to the high-paced demands of professional environments like filmmaking.