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I really love podcasts. I listen to quite a few of them on a daily basis. They have replaced my old good radio and I listen to them whenever I am in the car or at the gym. In this post I would like to share wit you a few of them and highlight the episodes that I liked the most. All about filmmaking.

Go Creative Show

The Go Creative Show is a show dedicated to the creative professionals in the Film, Video, Music and Television industries hosted by @BenConsoli. In the podcast you can find numerous interviews with top class DP’s talking about hot hollywood productions.

Here are a few episodes that I liked:

Mad Max: Fury Road, David Burr

This episode features David Burr, the second unit DP of Mad Max: Fury Road. He shares his experiences from the set including the following:

  1. $120 trick to keep the glass clean
  2. Continuity of light in the desert throughout 6 months of shooting
  3. Spectacular shot when the crane goes below the ground
  4. 3d cameras developed specifically for the movie
  5. RF feed transmitting the video signal for miles
  6. Canon 5D mark II as a crash cam

Really informative talk with tons of details.

Ex Machina, Rob Hardy

In this episode Ben talks with Rob Hardy, BSC, who DP’d Ex Machina. Rob is a brilliant cinematographer and was kind enough to share all the details about the film including:

  1. Lighting used in the film
  2. How they dealt with reflections on set
  3. How the green-screen was used
  4. Why Sony F65 was used and how it performed

Everest, Salvatore Totino

In this episode we meet Salvatore Totino, the DP of Everest movie. He takes us to freezing temperatures and really hard conditions where his latest film was shot. In this episode he discusses:

  1. His approach to shooting 3D
  2. The preparation process for Everest
  3. Challenges on set

Wandering DP

Wandering DP Podcast is hosted by Patrick O’Sullivan. In the show you can find quite a lot of interesting interviews with various DPs as well as episodes dedicated to in-depth analysis of Patrick’s commercial work.


Max Goldman

In this episode we can listen to Max Goldman – acclaimed commercial cinematographer. Max breaks down his latest work shooting for Carhartt as well as talking about how he got started in cinematography.

Things you will learn in the Episode:

  1. Why Max pushes the Arri Alexa internally to 1280 or even 1600 ISO
  2. Why Max likes to use Canon K35s when shooting digital
  3. What key tools he uses on every set to get his looks

Bjorn Charpentier

In this episode (and part 2) Patricks chats with Belgian cinematographer Bjorn Charpentier. Bjorn is a gifted cienamtographer with a client list including Visa, Coca-Cola, the European Parliament, Nike, Leica and many many more.

Bjorn lays out his style and his techniques for shooting major campaigns and he breaks down his commercial work for Samsonite.

Alex Disenhof

In this episode Patrick interviews LA based cinematographer Alex Disenhof. Alex shares his background coming up in the industry, how he got his break, and where he is at now.  Alex has shot some great stuff and has lots of projects due out soon so be sure to keep an eye on his site for new stuff.

Cinematography Breakdowns

House power series

In the below four episodes Patrick describes how he shot various setups for a commercial with house power only. No big lights. Very informative and full of technical details:

  1. Shooting a commercial with house power part 1
  2. Shooting a commercial with house power part 2
  3. Shooting a commercial with house power part 3
  4. Shooting a commercial with house power part 4

Filming a commercial project series

In this 2-part series The Wandering DP shows us his process of working with the commercial project from start to finish.

In part one Patrick goes over the preproduction process and talks about what he saw on the scout.

In part two he looks at dealing with problems on set and how he plays the exposure game when equipment and crew are running thin.

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production

Again, tons of useful info with a dose of humor.

Tim Ferriss

Tim invites variety of people from all sorts of industries and asks them interesting questions. There were a few filmmakers in the show and I think it’s worth checking them up (the other, non filmmaking episodes are great too).

Brian Koppelman

In this episode we sit with Brian Koppelman – a screenwriter, novelist, director, and producer. He is best known as the co-writer of Ocean’s Thirteen and Rounders, as well as a producer of The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones. He has directed films including Solitary Man, starring Michael Douglas.

In this episode, we explore how he got started, how he handles rejection, his big breaks, his creative process, and much, much more.

Ed Catmull

In this episode Tim meets Ed Catmull – co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios (along with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter) and president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation. This interview touches on a lot, including lessons learned from George Lucas and Steve Jobs, the origins of Pixar, personal challenges, routines, and much more.

Robert Rodriguez

In this episode Tim chats with Robert Rodriguez who shares his insights on the aspects of filmmaking. Robert explains that making movies is possible even with minimal budget and overcome all the obstacles during the process. He also explains that creativity can be triggered and we don’t need to wait for inspiration – we have to start doing something to trigger the creative process.

Jimmy Chin

In this episode Tim interviews Jimmy Chin – Filmmaker, photographer and athlete. I had a brilliant time listening to the conversation. Jimmy shares his approach to filmmaking and all the expeditions and how he prepares to all his expeditions. Brilliant person and talented performer, definitely worth listening to this episode!

Casey Neistat

In this episode we can hear the conversation between Tim and Casey Neistat – YouTube filmmaker that is gaining more and more popularity with his daily VLOGs. Very interesting chat where we can learn about Casey’s journey and passion to filmmaking.


Hope the above list gives you something to explore and fill up your podcast calendar. If you know any other filmmaking podcasts or shows let me know in the comments below!

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