False Color OpenFX Plugin 2.0

Unleash the power of False Color monitoring right in your color correction suite!


False Color Plugin for Davinci Resolve, Nuke, Scratch, Sony Vegas

Available on Mac & Windows

Works with:

DaVinci Resolve



Sony Vegas

Keep up to date


Easily check the ratios between fill and key light for any post correction


Keep consistent contrast and ratios between shots


Maintain consistent look & feel throughout your sequences right from the timeline preview

What is False Color Plugin

False Color is a technique used in video cameras to map the exposure levels to a specific color ranges. The purpose of the false color is to identify the brightness levels and differences between them easily while still being able to see the source image outline.

False Color Plugin is written in OpenFX technology which means it will work with any software supporting OFX format. The plugin is is designed for DaVinci Resolve, but will work also on Sony Vegas as well as Nuke.

False Color Plugin can be dropped on any node within DaVinci Resolve, which means that the False Color overlay is visible in the main preview window (unlike other scopes built into DaVinci). It also means that the overlay can be zoomed in as well as applied on the timeline nodes to see the results on all the clips at once.


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Contrast Matching


False Color preview right in the timeline thumbnails – enable the plugin on the Timeline node and rebuild all the thumbnails to update all the shots.

Fullscreen preview of the false color allows fine tuning and precise adjustments.



Much more visual exposure levels reference than scope analysis for shot matching.

Every region of the image can be identified immediately and can speed up the matching process.


If you are experiencing any problems with the plugin don’t hesitate to report the bug under the contact section.