Complete post-processing tutorial, DRI, blending, lightroom, photoshop

I’ve recorded the post-processing of one of my recent photos, and added descriptive captions, hope you like it! It’s the whole process from the very beginning – I import RAW files in Lightroom, adjust them¬†initially, then blend them together in photoshop and process them to the very end!


Photoshop File (1600px) with all the layers

Download complete photoshop file that was created in the tutorial above. The image size is 1600px on the longer edge and the file size is around 100MB.
You can download the file for 3 EUR or more (name your price).

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  • Alex Saunders

    Great tutorial, loads of useful tips for both lightroom & photoshop, to create the beautiful image. Thanks for sharing

    • Tomasz Huczek

      Thank you Alex! Really glad to hear that!

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